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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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Fest, Graton, Und: a simplified history. (Start here!)

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Fest, Graton, Und: a simplified history. (Start here!)

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:30 pm

This realm is large, and frighteningly diverse.  But I suppose what realm isn't?  It is, like so many others, not the same.  It has a law, magic is not free.  "Magic" is all science, and there are no wizards, mages, or witches.  Everything is cause and  effect, even if we don't understand the causes, the effects can be observed.  This realm lives by this unspoken law, never once questioning it.  To them, at least, this law is fact.  If gods exist here, they have never once made their presence known, for none believe.

Let's start with the largest of its land masses, on it's most prominent planet.  The land of Graton, on the planet of Fest.  This land has no countries, kings, states, cities, or towns.  Their land is divided up, traded, and bartered with like anything else in this land.  Food, gold, lives, everything is simply an 'asset' here.  It wouldn't even have a name, if it weren't for the other lands choosing to do so.  However, despite that, not everything is so meaningless.  Lives, for example, are rarely bought, and usually leased.  Many items are borrowed and lent, in exchange for other services and goods.  Likewise, your abilities and talents might be leased out to someone in exchange for theirs to be returned in kind.  The bonds of business can exceed that of family here, and it need not be a bad bond.  Though, the pains of a bad bond can be felt for lifetimes all the same.  The more powerful you are, the more alone you feel, though no-one ever mentions it.  The value of goods fluctuate constantly, and those few with the talent to predict this chaotic and turbulent market find themselves wealthy in a rare talent.  If currency had been adopted, this world would be simpler, however without that trait everyone holds much more weight, and the individual can truly measure what he owns, if not what it's worth.

From there, we will explain business, as even in a land where an individual can stand his own, many people lack the ability.  They may lack the mind or skills needed, but most often they find themselves lacking on a personal level.  While in some places, they may turn to religion, it doesn't exist here.  Who do they turn too, then?  Where do they seek leadership and guidance?  Confidence, it seams, may be the most powerful asset of them all.  Corporations, then, are highly confident individuals.  Unlike a corporation from a world you are familiar with, these monsters are all linked to individuals, with confidence and talent.  Their assets, owned or leased, simply grow to massive levels.  This gives them incredible leverage over others.  When tied to an ability to manage a massive number of resources, and the capacity to improve on as many of their assets as possible, they grow beyond simply being themselves.  Once this happens, on any scale, they become known as a businessman.  This man may be helped and hindered by any number of factors, but once their assets grow to include a certain percentage of all known assets, they become known as corporate businessmen.  And their assets are said to belong to their corporation.  It is these rare few that lead this land, large as it is.

This land has 5 corporations (currently) in play, who each hold at least 5% of all known assets within that land.  Tray Dolken, the psychic; West Smith, the Metalist; Richard Right, the moralist; Grey Zajer, the  twisted; and most recently Vrian Dom, the divider.  Each as forged their own path to victory, and each claims their own path to victory.  Wildly talented, each of them fight to expand their property, and to the 'common' masses their methods and goals are simply beyond understanding.  Their power and influence have grown massively, and to openly defy them is to forfeit every asset you own, including your life.

Tray Dolken, the psychic (12%)
Though not gifted with psychic powers, one cannot ignore the almost impossible degree at which he seams to understand the world.  He started with a head for numbers, and statistics wound up being a specialty of his.  He found a way to manipulate odds and gain assets from people who simply failed to understand the worth of their goods.  He would collects lots of seemingly useless things, only to have them become valuable once he had them.  This system of trading and playing the field is understood by many, however he is attributed with having perfected it.  His corporation deals, primarily, with manipulating supply and demand.  Though all use his tactics to a point, his corporation makes it a point to acquire the most talented at this field... or attempt to.

Dolken is probably the least offended by West Smith's success, as he stands the most to gain from it.  Though, he considers Richard Right to be his largest threat, even in the face of his newest corporate rivals.  Zajer will eventually fall to finding Dolken's goods at too high a price, and Vrian can't last long with his current tactics... those tactics don't work long.

West Smith, the Metalist (39%)
West Smith became a great man from fortune more then merit, a fact the other corporations love to point out.  He traveled outside the continent, found an uninhabited island, and claimed it as his own.  Leasing a lot of people to work the land for him, allowing himself to keep everything claimed, he wound up 'striking gold' if you will.  The island he found was rich with resources possibly excelling the main continent in it's entirety.  It is said he is the most powerful corporate businessman, however many question how long his luck will hold out.  Those who work close to him insist that it isn't luck, and the sheer confidence he constantly exhibits nets him a lot of people willing to trust him.  The true trick of his corporation is in fact, friendship.  Smith has beyond many, a level of charisma that many lack.  His corporation could be the closest this land has to a religion.

Smith has a fair time dealing with everyone, and even manages to take the second least amount of losses form Zajer... outside of Vrian.  Smith's fortune tends to make everyone feel like they are profiting.  He encourages his subordinates to find creative solutions to their problems, without outright stepping on toes.

Richard Right, the moralist (9%)
Richard Right is very good at twisting moods and feelings, making people believe things they they thought impossible yesterday.  His vast fortune lays in making things far more valuable then one would normally believe, and his corporation thus excels when dealing with 'art.'  Anyone who earns significant assets working with Mr. Right knows art well, and they value it dearly.  When looked at scientifically and objectively, he is nothing but a top-rate crook.  However, few who deal with him every think themselves on the loosing end of a bargain.  He would place much higher in assets if the corporation weren't so reliant on his personal set of skills.  He has a plan, however, to expand on his influence heavily.  He is planning on sending 'orphans' to Und to take advantage of their schooling, only to have them return (under contract) to the Right corporation.  The extra schooling and potentially large increase in capable members would benefit them greatly enough to win over the other corporations.  The flaw they are trying to overcome with this plan, however, is that Und is most certainly unwilling to cooperate.  No level of bribery has worked, and he's considering other options.

Right runs a small group of people, but he personally trains them all to be both good at what they do and fiercely loyal.  He is constantly trying to manipulate Dolan into making HIS goods valuable, Smith's goods given on credit (or less).  Zajer is dealt with through being given 'more appealing' targets.  Vrian is his #1 target to send Zajer against.  There is rumor that Richard Right himself even trained Vrian at one point.

Grey Zajer, the twisted (18%)
This man specializes in taking things.  The success of his corporation can be explained well with a quote from Richard Right.  "If war is an Art, Grey Zajer may be the greatest artist of all time."  He came from a land where nothing is owned, exiled for his desire to do just that.  His desire to be more then just a tool to be abused by the people.  Claiming assets that are already claimed is criminal, by far, but one cannot argue his results.  He is seen as the second strongest corporation at this time, however there isn't a single corporation willing to work with his.  It is hard to imagine what drives people to follow his claims over their many lives, but fear and terror are assuredly among his best tools.  If one tool ruled on top, however, it would be greed.  The one 'merit' he holds, is he is incredibly reluctant to outright destroy assets.  It is quite unfortunate that he rarely adheres to this ideal when dealing with living assets, as he argues that he's simply "Changing their form and worth."

Every corporation and very many businesses have been formed from his tactics, and every one of his rival corporations adapted to deal with his tactics exactly how he wanted them to.  He has them fighting his fire with fires of their own, and he's counting on the excessive strength of his seemingly everlasting flame.  If he is fair in anything, he deals all business evenly.  Even the Vrian corporation, hitting a sore point, is treated like all the rest.  His ultimate ideal, once having taken enough, is to conquer the land of Und.

Vrian Dom, the divider (6%)
Vrian Dom, the only corporation to title itself after a first name.  This corporation was formed under the Zajer corporation, in hopes of building the best weapons the realm has ever seen.  They technically succeeded, however Zajer never got to benefit from this difficult and dangerous research.  Vrian promised several mercenary businesses limited access to their incredible technology in exchange for their services.  Zajer thought they were hiring these men to take resources in his name, but the well-timed betrayal left him finding a large number of his own assets taken instead.  Vrian was more deceptive then he let on, as he also made 'deals' with every corporation.  He was promising all of them a hefty percentage of Zijer's assets, in exchange for given him a fair number of their own assets ahead of time to ensure the take-over went smoothly.  The promises of net gain weren't great, but the chance of finally seeing Zajer out of the picture made the deals worth it in their minds.  It was only after Vrian declared his independence as his own corporation that the others realized he had no intention of wiping out the Zajer corporation at all.  Vrian has been rapidly expanding sense, and the full power of his potential is yet realized.

Life is tough as a new superpower, and other corporations are harsh.  However, Vrian seams... preoccupied with his other work.  He is working in secret with all of them, lending out his super-weapons (attached to trained soldiers) like mercenaries.  Though no-one openly works WITH them, many people were hoping to work FOR him.  His recruiting process is strict, however, and few suspect he will last long as a superpower once someone leaks those weapons away from him.  He's not Zajer, but he's not nice.

The next largest land, has a name like every land should.  It is by their word that the planet and it's lands have names.  In this land of Und, they resent those from Graton in their entirety.  They openly work together, share, and cooperate with everyone.  Those who do not are given a chance to reform.  However, should they be unable to reform, they are exiled to Graton.  It is seen as the ultimate punishment, becoming mere 'assets' to be traded and bargained with.  Zajer was exiled from this land, and the land left a foul influence on him.  In this land, people are taught and trained in everything until they reach 12 years of age.  At this age, they get to choose what they wish to become in life, from a limited selection of choices based on their natural talents.  The weight of this decision is incredibly difficult for someone so young, so they are given three chances later in life to change their paths in life, at different ages.  The land is not a paradise, but it can still be called peaceful.  Those who work hard never go unrewarded, though their rewards can always be moved and taken to better fit the country.  The land, as you might have guessed, is not a democracy, but a republic instead.  The representatives chosen each represent a category of people, such as farmers, ranchers, or builders.  Each representative makes decisions through a smaller set of representatives.  It takes time, however the results are often good.  They actually make more scientific advances then Graton, however Graton is always swift to steal and integrate it.

To Graton, Und is simply one VERY large corporation.  Even so, it is almost an unwritten taboo to deal with them, even though they have an open taboo in reverse.  Graton and Und are likewise surprisingly hostile twords each other, however they have never had more then minor skirmishes.  When times are hard, Und relies on it's government.  When things go well, they tend to question their governments efficiency, seeking improvement.  Those in administration have never complained, and some consider it praise after a long time in office.  Even with those complains, they tend to get re-elected.

I have talked of these lands in hopes of preparing you for dealing with their people, however that is only a part of the picture.  In order to better convey the image of this land, I shall now move to their science.  I am sure the reader should understand many of their accomplishments, such as computers, planes, and nuclear energy.  However, even with those there are differences.  Computers are not written in binary anymore, given major enhancements to control over electricity.  The true depth to this accomplishment is still being expanded upon.  Planes, no matter the size, can run with the efficiency of jets.  Jets have advanced accordingly.  Even the price of jet fuel is greatly reduced, as they found a fuel made from renewable resources that exceeded former jet fuels.  A great day in aeronautics.  Nuclear shielding has not advanced much, but a different sort of advancement made the very point moot.  They found the way to synthesize a non-lethal gas that absorbs and reduces radiation.  While it would destroy a nuclear plant, (without meltdown,) it had an interesting side-effect.  Those exposed to the gas for long enough had built tolerances to high-levels of radiation.  Even plants and soil can gain this benefit, truly a marvel.

Though this has given you quite a bit to think on, I shall continue with the more mechanical advancements they have made.  Tanks have retractable claws that can easily rip through steel build into the treads, allowing them to make fully vertical climbs.  Bullets no-longer need gunpowder, as they can propel the bullets with sonic energy stored in the casings.  (It is, however, still a popular option.  Silencing a sonic bullet is more difficult.)  A pair of sunglasses can actually be a duel-screen computer monitor, and still retain it's use as sunglasses.  Those work wireless, of course.  Lasers are far more cost-efficient, and can be empowered enough to be used as armor piercing weaponry... against some armors.  Buildings are no-longer limited by a maximum height, however fear of meteor impacts, fears, morals, and time spent in elevators are the usual limiting factors.  They have remote-guided storage crates that can store up to 3 tons, that use an electrical hover system.  The height it can hover is inversely proportional to the weight.  Oxygen tanks can be specially designed to work indefinitely, as long as carbon dioxide is fed to the tanks regularly.  They have reverse-engineered this process, however the need for it wasn't dire, so the knowledge floats aimlessly over the internet.  Oh, cell phones and PDAs are obsolete.  Hand-held laptops, with all the features of both are in fact freely provided among both Graton and Und.  Oh, and the internet is freely available worldwide, and cell phone signal strength is never threatened by weather.

Impressed yet?  Well, too bad, I'll keep going anyway.  Next up we have scientific accomplishments of a more... magical nature.  They now have a means of transmitting power over a distance without use of wires.  Nuclear generators can be made to nearly any scale, down to the size of a rather portable D battery... including meltdown safety systems.  Without those systems, well, have you ever SEEN a bullet propelled by fission?  Replacement surgery is now an art form, with the very ability to modify DNA a common and easy process.  (Easy, not cheap.)  The 'cheap' solution, prosthetic limbs, are advanced enough that no-one even thinks of replacement surgery as a science anymore.  They more and feel as natural as their old limbs if you get the money for it.  Quality and price are linked directly.  They have machines that can pull accurate pictures or text from your mind, at the speed you can think.  There are rumors of some that can do both.  The internet no-longer relies on servers, no-one knows how that happened... or when.  Oil is not needed to keep parts moving smoothly, as friction can be negated with a careful refining process.  The fuel for lanterns and lighters can be pulled from the very air, if processed correctly, making it an abundant resource.  They even have means to reforge and reshape metal without use of heat, though the price of such knowledge remains high.

These improvements have given them a particular edge in several fields, such as space exploration.  A business known as Delta Grand from the former corporation known as Grand still resides on a distant planet.  Shortly after they landed on this other planet, the Grand corporation fell to Zajer.  Delta Grand is content being the last of the Grand corporation, insisting the entire planet they landed on is now Grand property.  The planet hasn't been named yet, but will probably be known as "Grand Planet."  Due to incredibly delayed communication times, (over a year either way,) it isn't yet known if they have discovered any existing life on that planet, the size of the planet, or the most important part, if they can get anything useful from it.  The slow negotiations are still underway.

However, with this technology came putting values on things that were never bargained before.  Privacy, safety, security, rights, restrictions.  Taken for granted for so very long, no-one seamed to notice them becoming 'assets' in themselves, but they did.  Und controls and chooses how to distribute them, of course, but at least they are generous with safety and security, at the cost of privacy.  This has been a topic of debate among the republic and its people for some time.  In Graton, assets are assets, no matter the form.  Privacy is a surprisingly common one in some areas.

- This simplified history has left secrets hidden.  Razz

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