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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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Major Businesses in Graton

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Major Businesses in Graton

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:59 pm


If you haven't I'd recommend reading first on the simplified history of the land, so that you aren't lost as to what the posts contained within are speaking about.

This thread will expand on the individual corporations slightly, however it will also contain information on several other large non-corporate businesses currently in play within Graton.

Dolken Corporation

We'll start with the most straightforward of the corporate world.  Dolken wants to own everything, period.  Just like his parents, and his parents before him.  He wants people to give him a lot, for very little of his own assets.  As long as his assets always continue to grow, he considers it a success.  After all, the world's resources are finite, and eventually that will include everything.  That was the family plan, and he stuck to it.  However, as such, he tends to take losses very harshly.  The people who work directly under him tend to be ruthless, awful people, who will assign incompetent people to tasks as a means of denying them personal profits... until they can't make any in which they are replaced.  Though this seams like a poor choice of business, they were the first corporation, and have constantly continued to grow.

The lower ranks among them are nearly the opposite, however.  They are simple people, who try hard to get an edge in the land.  It's far too often that these good people are dealt bad hands, but they strive their best to grow.  They don't over think things too much, and are typically compliant of their higher-ups.  They find themselves aiming for the short-term, leaving the long-term decisions to those higher then them.  Like a religion, they tend to flock together and find unrelated reasons as to any hardships they may be having, like poor buildings or not enough goods.

Even though the Dolken Corp doesn't have the most assets, the assets they do have tend to always be in demand.  Any time you see an 'old' fashion becoming new again, or a new, positive spin on something that was denied before... Dolken may have been involved.  It's said a large amount of Dolken's profits are from his assets converting their own goods into his, rather then true growth... but Dolken doesn't care about the sources nearly enough to deny the profits themselves.

West Smith, then the Smith Corporation

West Smith was, surprisingly, a very unlucky child.  His parents were owned mercenaries, and they abandoned him to save him from a life that was not his own.  He was adopted into a family that swiftly sold him for a quick meal, and his life as a slave was hardly fitting for someone less then a year old.  As a living test subject for baby shampoo, and other such oddities, he found himself exposed to a large deal of mistreatment.  Once he started talking, he was put to work as a living advertisement for the products that now featured his face... with no profit of his involved.  His luck changed with probably the unluckiest event he'd ever been hit with.  A 'liberation' force from Und had managed to get ahold of his face, and assumed him to be a symbol of what made Graton so evil.  They snuck into the land, and burned the building he was living in to the very ground, killing every one of the few people he trusted.  This radical group wound up destroying anything they came across with his face, making his worth as a mascot useless.  Despite narrowly surviving a burning building, he found himself out of work even before he had recovered from his injuries.  It was then, that the Dolken corporation threw him away.

As if by fate, he found his old family living poorly fishing by a nearby shore.  Still mercenaries, they 'stole' a company boat to lend him to allow him his escape from this cruel world.  They never bothered telling him why they helped him, but it made a profound impact on his future.  He intended to sail to Und, but got lost along the way.  He found himself, out of food and hungry, on a familiar shore.  He explored this shore and found himself face to face with an apple tree abundant with fresh fruit.  And he ate, so very happily.  He explored the island, to find the owner of that tree, but never did.  As he circled the entire island around to his start, he found he was alone.  It was here, that he made it HIS island.

His boat intact, full of food and on fair winds, he sailed back.  He found many people, and offered them a new life, free of the terrors of this world in exchange for hard work.  There were many who followed.  They built a town, with the abundant wood.  They grew farms that grew well in the fertile soil.  And when they went into the land to mine, they found more then they had ever dreamed of.  West Smith made a decision that no-one else in Graton had, he agreed to share.  "Everything that is mine, will also be yours.  We'll be one large family, and I think it's time we trusted one another completely."  It was then that the business of Graton made its name in the business world, selling gold with little or no guidance from their head of business.  West Graton has never left that island, but sense then many have joined his cause, business, and now corporation.

Stories tell of the great successes he had, along with this incredible luck that just followed him around.  There are even tales of him punching into a dirt wall, and pulling out a large diamond.  This new land of his, and new life, drove many to join him.  Those many prospered, and even as they live in Graton, they can always count on Smith to supply them with what they need to continue their success.  It isn't very easy to join the Smith corporation, as you need to completely earn their trust, but no-one has ever regretted being a part of it.

Right Corporation

Richard Right, a man of many talents.  He is like a street magician, except every trick in his bag works against your mind.  He can convince you that a blank piece of paper is the winning bet in a race.  He could tell you you've been wearing his watch, yes that same watch that's never left your wrist in two years.  His assets are the hardest to measure, as one can never be sure as to how many others are convinced they own that very same item.  He can convince you that you've always wanted something for your birthday, while telling you about his ability to do just that, and it would still somehow work.  It's too bad they don't believe in magic, as he'd have been burned as a witch for sure.

The Right Corporation is actually a very small number of people.  They have less then 100 members overall, but they are all very well trained to work the jobs they have been given.  The corporation grows as fast as Richard Right works, and it is very hard to stop him.  However, this limit is probably also their weakness, for if Right goes, the corporation dies.  Though he can't be stopped, people are happy to know that it will eventually stop on it's own... and anything otherwise is the stuff of nightmares.

Zajer Corporation

Grey Zajer was not born in Graton, but Und.  Und is a land where no-one can own anything, because everyone owns everything.  "Theft" is almost an unknown word, but "Greed" is taboo.  Zajer started simple enough, he was a child who wanted things.  His parents liked to provide him with what they could, as their greatest desire was the happiness of their child.  He grew spoiled and needy, and that only got worse as he grew older.  As soon as he was 10, he was given his chance to reform, and he could not.  As such, he was exiled, two weeks after his 10th birthday.

He arrived in Graton, to suffer from the greed he refused to let go of.  However, it was there that his greed really began to grow.  Failing to understand, he assumed that life was the same, but everyone was greedy.  He began to simply take things, like food and supplies.  Eventually, people refused to deal with him at all, and left him cold and alone.  But Zajer wouldn't simply stop there, that is when business and violence became one and the same with him.  He next broke into a home, took their knives, followed by their lives once things went out of control.  He refused to give back this home, and his new tactic scared those nearby too much for them to take it back.

As this boy grew, his heart died.  By 14, not only was he dangerous, but he had an entire swarm of people doing things his way, by his word, and in his name.  Gangs weren't entirely new, but a gang run by someone so young?  His talents swiftly grew to match his claims, and by 16 he had the largest of any gang.  When he hit 18, he called his gang a business as they took out the leading mafia.  He is 36 now, and that business is a corporation.  They take things very seriously, pun intended.  Leather jackets and trenchcoats are now quite assuredly a mark of membership to his corporation, so people tend to avoid anyone wearing leather coats of any sort now.  They are never in style, but always in high demand.

They take much more then simply stuff and lives... they take your hope, spirits, and willpower from you whenever they can.  Zajer assets are simply places that simply cannot afford to deny his influence anymore.  And many businesses lose assets to this aggressive sort of take-over, and often the business itself is also lost.  Only the Price Business has managed to stay around through their aggressive tactics, but only because their very existence was formed on taking down this horrible corporation once and for all.

Vrian Corporation

The entirety of what is understood from the Vrian Corporation is actually well summarized within the simplified history.  At this point in time, Vrian Dom himself is a total mystery.  Though many assumed corporate greed leads him, he rarely sells anything other then his leased militant forces.  It is like all his profits goes right into developing weapons, but even then he would have more then he does.  He is up to something, and few people want to find out what it is.  His strange responses to the world, and disregard for a lot of the world in general, have left many suspecting he doesn't have a rational thought within his entire head.  Whoever knows of his history is certainly not sharing, though why is uncertain... that information itself is a valuable asset.

Vrian's business dealings all involve mercenary groups he has bought or leased, and usually favorably.  He offers several options for advanced training or equipment... and in the tech level of his equipment, he has a monopoly.  The very nature of the equipment itself is what has been keeping most people from being able to steal it, as his security appears completely unbreakable.  He's even supposedly managed to shoot down a tank with a handgun.  No-one in his security forces has ever betrayed him, and from the looks of it, they never will.  However, despite the severity of the threat, few can deny the many opportunities his business provides them, as he works with and against Zajer with no apparent restrictions.

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Re: Major Businesses in Graton

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:35 pm

Pierce Business

Pierce Barton has a simple goal in life, JUSTICE!  Not surprising, considering he lost everything he loved to a Zajer business deal gone bad.  He didn't just turn to a vigilante and hunt them, though.  Instead, he convinced a few hundred people to join him in his mad quest to see them finally put down, with anyone else who refused to obey policy or ownership rights.  As his ongoing threat grew, so did he.  His hundreds turned to thousands, and even now they continue to grow.

Known to most as the "PB" they started as a means of combating the Zajer Corporation, way back when they were still a business even.  In fact, most of their assets come in the form of donations from other companies.  However, they have other uses beyond a combat force as they have been forced to adapt to an ever-changing war.

In addition to fighting against Zajer, many of their members have been used as a 'arbitrator' force.  Businesses that feel cheated, or simply need an outside opinion, have come to trust the PB.  Their members consist of people aiming for justice, after all.  This combined with their militant nature also grants them authority to enforce any deals they helped arbitrate.  Though Graton lacks police departments, at least they have the PB.

GameCom Business

One of many businesses dedicated to entertainment, this one is the largest. In addition to a long line of gaming consoles, they have a high stream of quality games and franchises to support them. Their card and board games are still doing well, and their 'tabletop role-playing' genre is actually earning them a profit. The owner of this business died, but his son chose to rename the business after their initial high-success console, rather then the family name. However, when it comes to non-game entertainment, they offer little competition.

Their recent development of 'VR' goggles was a huge advantage, but many people were disappointed by the lack of 3D imaging involved. However, a lightweight monitor you can wear on your face is still nice, especially when camera controls can be linked to the motion-sensors built into it. Though not yet wireless, they have a wireless version in the works for their 'next-gen' version, that will finally have 3D imaging software. At this point in time, it was deemed "too bulky."

Swift Business

Jack Swift had an obvious talent, he was fast. His whole family was fast, and he was the fastest. He changed his last name when he finally got this business off the ground, and it wound up doing very well. Even though Jack is no-longer around, his principles (and business catchphrase) still stand. "Swift, Safe, Sold." Few businesses actually put 'Business' in their name, but Jack never regretted the decision.

The Swift Business specializes in transporting goods. They have many 'runner' employees, however with the Zajer corporation, they started relying more heavily on armored transports. In fact, the first tanks wound up being used by "Swift Business" employees. They rarely pay for collateral damage caused when defending their cargo.

More to arrive as needed.

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