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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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Time to look for the fourth tome!/Battle for Utami

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Re: Time to look for the fourth tome!/Battle for Utami

Post by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki on Tue Dec 04, 2012 3:31 am

(OOC: Sorry Luna can't cave this time, Shij is trying to teach you both a lesson in this one on how different things are going to be from here on out, Won't be like before Sad Do your best because i'm set on this. Shinie has to learn to let things go if hes going to move on. Remember Heru has a reason for everything he does hun, it's time to move on. I'll be pulling most of you into Time Lost in the next post so post their afterwards Dark asked me about the realm before in a pm so I figured id just show all of you in the process.)

Shiju stopped walking towards them when Isil called his name glancing over at her, his eyes slowly going softer as his aura started to become a mixture of mixed emotions about his actions, death's laughter was heard within his mind he glaring slightly as time froze their in place everyone froze under Death's power. Shiju looking up at Luna and Shinie than over at the others as Death appeared before him as a image still laughing quietly at him.

"Eventually your will is going to crumble..."

Death walked around Shiju trailing the scythe around his neck cutting him slightly grinning taking the edge of it away from his neck.

"and when that day comes.....You....Will be mine at last....Along with them...Who care so much about you, I can't wait to watch the life drift from their eyes as they look up at you with confuses and heart break when you are the one that kills them with your own hands"

He beginning to laugh it echoing all around them

His eye's remained closed as he walked around him wincing slightly at the cut around his neck, Death's last words making him open his eye's with anger glinting in them.


Pulling Excalibur it's blade releasing a blast of energy at the image of Death it disappearing followed by laughter as time began to move once more. Shiju's eyes widened slightly as he noticed the direction he sent the blast it heading straight for Isil and Artemis. He reacted quickly moving in front of it without enough time to put up a barrier in front of himself he releasing a sharp blast of energy at Artemis pushing him away knowing he can take care of himself, Shiju's wing's folding around Isil he covering her tiny figure with his own as the blast hit him sliding him a crossed the ground he wincing slightly from the light magic of the holy sword his hand raising Excalibur enough to direct it off course from hitting him fully, but it doing it's damage to his body.

The blast wen't off towards the side and into the air Shiju unwrapping his wing's from around her falling to a knee from his own energy the wounds slow to heal from Excalibur's magics. He needed to leave here and quickly, his form in Shadowrealm was becoming unstable from the length and distance he had traveled and the impact of the holy sword.

With a bit of will power he stood slowly sheathing the blade once more not believing he had almost hurt Isil, and he hated to admit it but he would have to take his chances in Shadowrealm until he was better able to control his power over Death.

"....I'm sorry Isil.."

Not even able to look at her turning around getting ready to open a portal back to Shadowrealm when he felt Shinie's brash actions the event's of the forgotten plains replaying in his mind. His eye's narrowed slightly looking at Luna as she raised the barriers around them stopping him from getting closer which was a bad idea on her part. She had no idea of the destructive power of that sword and that she was helping him to see it done with her barriers.

"I'm sorry Isil....This must be done." He said in a light whisper only her able to hear him.

This was the last straw for him, their childlike nature was going to come to a end for better or worse now. Shiju closed his eye's beginning to chant something very quickly his form flickering with time and space magic creating six images of himself. Two of them defended the rest from attacks and the other's began chanting with him speeding up the spell process finishing a two minute chant time in a matter of thirty seconds. The other two standing guard over them watching for any attacks waiting to block them. Shiju's eye's opening glaring at Shinie.

"...Heavens fall down
doomed to be
into the ground
Angels shall see
cursed is those who harm without sight
be it so cursed to everlasting night."

As the spell finished the cloans moved back inside of him spiking his power output as his hands waved forward the realm disappearing as if they were looking at the surface of water as it rippled from someone running their hand a crossed the surface. It rippled outwards the realm shifting into a dark place like a night sky full of stars. The ground was covered in a thin layer of water about a half a foot deep on top of a black marble floor. The water's surface reflected the stars in the night sky looking like the whole area was just like you were floating in the middle of stars from each direction.

The air felt different here heavier with magic, everything here seemed like a dream and affected spell casting from the moment the person entered the strange rift in the universe. Shiju was no where to be seen as everything came into vision and there eyes cleared, his presence felt all around the rift. He knew Luna had never saw this place with her own eyes and had no idea what happen here even though she knew of it through Arwen telling her about it. This place had no presence other than those that were brought in here, and it was here that Shiju was able to release his power without worry. It had no elements to draw from, only raw dangerous magical energy that only the most advanced magic wielder could use, the magics were so dangerous to use that one slip up could make a Tsuki spin out of control or to make a seasoned magician cause severe magical burns and internal damage to there bodies. It was here that every battle was decided and would show Shinie and Luna that this was the last straw. Their was no escape from this realm once you were here, its event horizon inside a super massive black hole blocked all hopes of escaping here unless Shiju willed it or you knew how to leave.

Timeless....The rift of endings..would be there last terrible gift and lesson from him.

Shiju appeared in front of them the dangerous magics swirling around him, his wings fully spread gathering the energies within him his figure starting to glow as the stars started spinning slowly in the sky growing brighter. Isil,
Chaotic, Irvine, and Artemis stood on the side of them with a large barrier around them that glowed with a silver light, protecting them from the rifts energies.

The magic swirled up his legs encasing him in the black armor it slowly turning silver from the magics gleaming almost blindingly as the realm fed him his own power that was stored over the years of his life time. With a slow motion he drew Excalibur the sound of the blade coming from it's sheath echoing over the rift and into there ears. It pulsed with the light magic that was being fed into the blade from the rift only feeding to him the stars slowly starting to drain at the powers of Luna and Shinie as they spun.

As Togire Reikon appeared in his hand and the armor completed to his head his green glowing eyes turning white energy it flowing out the visor as it did when he spun so long ago on Luna, Arwen, and Marawen. His form flickered with a blinding flash of light that made them cover their eye's a army of sixty light angels appearing behind him that he was famous for, there blades held up right in front of them they gripping it with both hands. There bodies glowed with a yellow energy and although it was obvious they were wearing armor it was hard to make out there features looking only like light energy. I loud clash of metal was heard behind Luna and Shinie a group of the same angels behind them in the same numbers sixty, but these were glowing with a dark energy instead of light holding there large swords upright as well in front of them waiting on a order.

The stars started burning and spinning brighter around them the energy from Luna's barriers being drained quicker it starting to slowly crack as Shiju waited patiently. It was time for Shinie to learn of his frailty, and Luna to learn of her shortcomings thus far. He would make them realize this here and harden them for what was to come.

"....You can't hide behind your barriers....They will not hold forever Starsplitter....You say you wish to protect those you love?...Than show me how you will protect them with your limited knowledge....Show me your conviction to those heavy words."

His voice was eerily calm as he spoke his sword raising pointing at them the one hundred and twenty angels getting into a formation and stance surrounding them in a blink of a eye, their speed unlike anything Luna had ever seen before. Each angel represented a element of magic. Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Wood, Gravity, Space, and Time. If all of them hit her at once, it would activate the most deadly magic that could be combined of which was no defense. It was something he mastered here at almost the cost of his life.

Optatio (Wish In Latin) a combination of red matter from the mixture of gravity time and space, mixing in the five elements of creation. Mixed with the angels ungodly speed was something that was fatal.

"....Come Shinie....Show me your true power."

Waiting on him to finally finish his spell.

(To Be Continued in Time Lost- Feel free to post there for this moment just reply to this post from here. I'll make the topic, will be named Lessons Learned.)

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