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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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Post by Guest on Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:56 pm

NOTICE: Realm 178's listed technology is intended as a guideline.  The information in this thread is to be seen as an 'upper limit' on technology you'll find within the realm.  Technology beyond this may be found, however it will be incredibly rare.  I will expand this list as needed, or as I think up appropriately fun ideas.

- Power Generation Technology -
Though many power technologies are considered 'old fashioned' and 'moot' by the looming growth that nuclear power has seen, there are benefits to power sources that don't rely on a gas to keep from exploding or harming the surrounding area.

Water Power:  Water power nearly matches that of the 'earth' counterpart, it has one strange advantage.  They found a way to generate a 'perpetual' generator using it, however the size of the generator is far too large for the end result, as only the lightest of excess energy is produced.

Wind Power: This energy type is surprisingly popular in Und, as they've fond ways to prevent the generators from producing excess quantities of noise.  Even the birds in the area (migrating birds included) have managed to adapt to the many generators available.  Though not placed in large groups, it is rare to see a settlement that doesn't have at least one generator within eye-sight.

Gas/Propane Power: This technology is still popular in smaller areas of the world, however it is declining rapidly.  Though you can still find tanks of gas sold in Graton, it is rare to see them sold.  The technology itself is efficient, as they have learned a method to compacting propane into liquid form within the tanks, however the cost of such tanks is more then anyone stuck using Propane energy can afford.

Gasoline Power: A toy for the rich, sadly.  Gasoine was an effective fuel source, however Oil became far too valuable a resource to dedicate to "running a, oversized hunk of metal."  Running one such vehicle, or any other such technology, is a literal burning of valuable assets.  However, there are those always willing to provide to such extremists, as Oil is always lucrative.

Nuclear Power: The king of power, this is the energy type used most exclusively in Graton.  Seeing as everything in Graton is for sale, this technology is available anywhere in the world.  Unlike 'earth,' Graton has put massive efforts into it's expansion.  They have generators as small as batteries now, and anything larger simply lasts longer rather then generate more energy.  Thanks to the Smith Corporation, plutonium, uranium, and other such elements are surprisingly common.  It's said that they found a way to artificially create and develop it.  Nuclear shielding has not advanced in a traditional sense, as a certain technology has made doing so nearly moot.  Thanks to the advancement RNA and (as of six years ago) DNA computers, monitoring systems have evolved to a point where human involvement is rarely required.  (Human involvement tends to keep the generators around longer, however.)

Due to a special gas that was developed, nuclear power is 'safer' then ever.  The people of Graton found the way to synthesize a non-lethal gas that absorbs and reduces radiation.  While it would destroy a nuclear plant, (without meltdown,) it had an interesting side-effect.  Those exposed to the gas for long enough had built tolerances to high-levels of radiation.  Even plants and soil can gain this benefit, truly a marvel.  There are several businesses dedicated to developing large amounts of this gas for 'total global dispersal' of the substance, in hopes that the planet itself can be resistant against the harmful effects of radiation.  This gas is usually sealed around most generators, and absorbs the radiation emitted from the generators directly, should things go wrong.  Most generators come with emergency systems built in to inject that gas into the generator itself should it start operating outside acceptable limits.

- Militant Technology -

Nuclear Weapons: Surprisingly, this land has never had to face the threat of Nuclear Weapons.  That is not the same as the bombs not existing, however the overwhelming threat it poses is enough to stop most people from using them.  Even today, more nuclear weapons are being developed.  However after any successful test they are usually disassembled to use as parts for the next development.  There is one particular area designated as a 'nuclear test zone' by everyone, and plenty of safety precautions are in place to prevent any common mishaps.  This technology is usually developed as a means of expanding the efficiency of nuclear power.

Graton has been the leading defense against nuclear threats, surprisingly.  Their lack of government allows anyone to play vigilante with no recourse for the land itself.  Though home to the most threats to the world, they police themselves and other lands with far more rigor then anyone had expected.

Ryzor Tank: This hunk of powerful metal is seen as the current ideal for ground unit transports.  Three inch carbon-enhanced armored plating and cameras with bullet-proof lenses give ideal protection from units within, a powerful combination to keeping the occupants protected.  Combined with seating room for six passengers beyond the driver and gunner, this vehicle could qualify as an APC.  Its thick armored treads have a built-in grapple system that can claw through and onto most structures, and attain stability and strength needed for complete vertical climbs up to 94 degrees.  It's ideal, however, is for capture missions in rough and urban areas.  Given it's strong mobility, it is paired with a twin-cannon set on top capable of firing one of it's heavy internal-belt-fed 180mm rounds every two seconds.  The cannon's design also allows it to fire from every conceivable direction and angle, allowing it to fire when facing straight down or up.  The cannon itself can fire from 0-70 degrees, however the tank's movement capacity usually allows for a creative driver to allow their gunner a shot at any angle.  Though the tank supports a speed of 70 miles per hour, it can only travel up to 40 when its grapple system is active.  The largest complaint of this impressive weapon is it's visibility.  It relies entirely on a large number of cameras to operate, so once those are covered or damaged it becomes very hard to operate.  Internal GPS systems aid with that greatly, however that information can be scrambled rather easily.  These tanks come standard with two medical aid kits, around 16 MREs, and 60 rounds.  More rounds are usually packed for combat missions.  They are powered by the ever-present nuclear power trend, and can remain running for years.  It has several defenses that prevent any internal systems from being damaged from outside interference, however any signals to and from the outside can be targeted normally.

Und helped co-design this system with the country of Rolk, and they obtained stability in their land because of it.  A couple corporations and smaller businesses Graton have stolen the design, and have had them secretly built and hidden to deal with major threats they may face.  ((OOC: This is the tank that Kilo-Kitten is supposed to have trouble with.  A 'normal' tank just shouldn't compare, really.  Though, I guess  skill is still a factor in that argument.))

Shadow Hand-Cannon x16 series: This is the largest handgun one can reasonably wield, sitting at 16 lbs.  The 15 inch barrel is more of a hindrance, however has specialized holes in certain points down the barrel to aid in pressure/recoil reduction.  The recoil it has with traditional ammo could easily dislocate both wrists, however the 'sonic' rounds were able to reduce it to a manageable level.  This gun has the impact of an elephant gun, and has enough stopping power to halt or divert a truck.  It holds up to two rounds at a time, and takes some effort to reload.  The design makes silencing the gun impossible, however it is another great work of Dr. Klien Shadow.  This gun is heavily restricted, and outlawed in most countries.

Shadow Lazer Claw:  Dr. Shadow's only work with both Lazer technology and melee weapons, the Shadow Lazer Claw is an impressive piece of tech.  Developing a special alloy from diamonds and copper, it can transmit 'lazer' energy throughout the coated edge of the blade.  When active, it lashes this energy out at whatever the blade makes contact with this edge.  Not content with that, he also has a motor hidden within the handle to make the blade itself vibrate at sonic speeds, to compliment the serrated edge.  Though it is very difficult to repair a damaged blade, the durability and cutting power of this blade is unmatched.  It is said to rival Vrian's work, however Vrian commented with "I recall a saying.  Bringing a knife to a gun fight?" ((OOC: For cutting power, it beats Kilo-Kitten's MDA5... like cutting through cardboard with a butter knife.  Not super easy, but doable with some oomph.))

- Vrian Technology -
The Vrian Corporation's name was built on weapons, and they assuredly hold the leading edge.  Their work is surpassing even the 'lazer' technology that was recently introduced.  Attempts to reverse-engineer this technology has repeatedly failed.  Every weapon taken from Vrian has come at a great cost, and many are becoming unwilling to even try.

VTech Silent Cry:  This weapon is described as a 'sniper rifle' by most, but has the weight of a rail-cannon.  This hefty piece of equipment is almost impossible to use, requiring a, unknown special talent of some kind.  To the very few who have seen it work, it is undeniably the strongest rifle known.  The sniper can shoot from anywhere, provided they know where the target is.  The rounds don't penetrate armor, they completely ignore it.  Walls, buildings, even other people are unaffected by the shot, which strikes exactly where it was aimed.  This aiming procedure uses a massive scope, and computer assistance.  The few users of this 'rifle' have refused to comment on the process.  Though the name implies otherwise, this gun is loud.  However, the gun has hit targets as far as twelve miles away.  Given the distance and traits available, there is every possibility the target will never hear this weapon fired.

Quoted Technology from the 'simplified history' thread: Computers are not written in binary anymore, given major enhancements to control over electricity.  The true depth to this accomplishment is still being expanded upon.  Planes, no matter the size, can run with the efficiency of jets.  Jets have advanced accordingly.  Even the price of jet fuel is greatly reduced, as they found a fuel made from renewable resources that exceeded former jet fuels.  A great day in aeronautics.  [...]

[...]  Bullets no-longer need gunpowder, as they can propel the bullets with sonic energy stored in the casings.  (It is, however, still a popular option.  Silencing a sonic bullet is more difficult.)  A pair of sunglasses can actually be a duel-screen computer monitor, and still retain it's use as sunglasses.  Those work wireless, of course.  Lasers are far more cost-efficient, and can be empowered enough to be used as armor piercing weaponry... against some armors.  Buildings are no-longer limited by a maximum height, however fear of meteor impacts, fears, morals, and time spent in elevators are the usual limiting factors.  They have remote-guided storage crates that can store up to 3 tons, that use an electrical hover system.  The height it can hover is inversely proportional to the weight.  Oxygen tanks can be specially designed to work indefinitely, as long as carbon dioxide is fed to the tanks regularly.  They have reverse-engineered this process, however the need for it wasn't dire, so the knowledge floats aimlessly over the internet.  Oh, cell phones and PDAs are obsolete.  Hand-held laptops, with all the features of both are in fact freely provided among both Graton and Und.  Oh, and the internet is freely available worldwide, and cell phone signal strength is never threatened by weather.

[...]  They now have a means of transmitting power over a distance without use of wires.  Nuclear generators can be made to nearly any scale, down to the size of a rather portable D battery... including meltdown safety systems.  Without those systems, well, have you ever SEEN a bullet propelled by fission?  Replacement surgery is now an art form, with the very ability to modify DNA a common and easy process.  (Easy, not cheap.)  The 'cheap' solution, prosthetic limbs, are advanced enough that no-one even thinks of replacement surgery as a science anymore.  They more and feel as natural as their old limbs if you get the money for it.  Quality and price are linked directly.  They have machines that can pull accurate pictures or text from your mind, at the speed you can think.  There are rumors of some that can do both.  The internet no-longer relies on servers, no-one knows how that happened... or when.  Oil is not needed to keep parts moving smoothly, as friction can be negated with a careful refining process.  The fuel for lanterns and lighters can be pulled from the very air, if processed correctly, making it an abundant resource.  They even have means to reforge and reshape metal without use of heat, though the price of such knowledge remains high.

These improvements have given them a particular edge in several fields, such as space exploration.  A business known as Delta Grand from the former corporation known as Grand still resides on a distant planet.  Shortly after they landed on this other planet, the Grand corporation fell to Zajer.  Delta Grand is content being the last of the Grand corporation, insisting the entire planet they landed on is now Grand property.  The planet hasn't been named yet, but will probably be known as "Grand Planet."  Due to incredibly delayed communication times, (over a year either way,) it isn't yet known if they have discovered any existing life on that planet, the size of the planet, or the most important part, if they can get anything useful from it.  The slow negotiations are still underway.

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