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February 2019

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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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Syph Darklight

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Syph Darklight

Post by Syph on Mon Sep 16, 2013 6:06 pm

Name: Syph Darklight


Hair: Black Hair that fades to silver

Hair design: Long and slightly wavy down to mid calf

race: Ranmyaku

Race Description: Ranmyaku is a race that is similar to elves. Their features and life span are on in the same though their nature is much more dark. They have darker looking eyes and some have facial tattoos. The originate from realm ?. The entire realm is now dead and decaying due to those who like to suck the life from the planet. Some now have gained the ability and knowledge to travel through the realms to try and find a way to save their dieing race.

hieght: 5'5"

weight:125 lbs

eyes: Auburn yellow

sex: Female

build: thin build with slight muscle tone, medium bust and slim figure.

eye look: calm and quiet

acs: Silver chain with a black onyx stone with a purple rune etched in

armor type clothing: A specially made trench coat that is made of a rare type of cloth that is able to withstand weapon attacks and fire.

Facial features: calm

nickname: Syph


special features: ears: Short elf like ears.

Skin: Pale white

Battle Attitude: Calm and focused. Is very protective of those around her.

Voice: Soft and light, calm and protective.

Personality: Passive aggressive and calm.

Pet: Luka
race: Wolf
hair: black
eyes: Sharp looking eyes red in color (Eyes do glow)
type: Larger then an average wolf, stands on all fours at 5" and weighs 200 lbs
abilities: Has enhanced psychical abilities and his fur is as strong as steel which can withstand normal weapons and break them on contact. Has the ability to manipulate lightning

Clothing:Black clothing tight spandex type material top.It having a cut stomach opening black cloth around waist with black leather belt. Spandex arm bands black runes.Black knee high boots. black underwear, black thigh high socks. waist design cut with runes.All with white trim.

Weapons: Twin Rapiers called Sif(right one) and Nix (left one). She can control her energy and use it within her weapons letting her pure energy create massive attacks that demolish her enemies.

Magics:Life energy,Shadow, Healing, illusion, Death.

Psychical:Is fast and strong through out all of her training. She is working on different types of martial arts and is slowly mastering them all.

Tactical: She is an expert tactition who is always 15 steps ahead of her enemies.

Weapons training:She is a master swordsman who spent her life training and mastering the use of dual rapier swords.

Background: (Will fill in later )

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