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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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Post by Guest on Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:16 pm

Moniker: Kilo-Kitten

Font color: #0055FF

Former Name: Rick Caters

Nicknames or Aliases: None... yet.

Race: Android, Ex-Human.

Origin: The Omega-Vrian lab of the the Vrian corporation, Realm 178

Gender: Male, though he technically lacks a gender.

Age: 4 Months, however he was 23 years of age when converted.

Eyes: Swiveling cameras hidden behind large lenses that could fit into an anime.  Special plating was added to allow his eyes to also display emotion, though covering/uncovering the lens, and the lenses ability to move..

Eye (Lens) Color: Red, with a black line in the middle to appear somewhat cat-like.  Anyone close enough to carefully look through a lens would find a camera underneath.

Facial Features: Surprisingly human, a fully expressive lower face covered up by his 'helm.'  The ears on his helm actually move based on his mood.  There are also panels near his lenses that allow even his eyes to be expressive.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 240 lbs

Build: Somewhat lean, but very close to average.

Special Features:
Full AI: His ex-human mind was fully integrated into the system, which eliminated many problems a standard computer would have, in addition to creating a lot more.  The main advantage, is the ability to adapt and grow (mentally, at least.)
UV/Infra-vision: His 'eyes' can detect and translate a larger array of light then most eyes, allowing him to see in wider light spectrum then most people.
Light/Sound Dampening/Amplifying system: His 'eyes' can also adapt to different light levels, allowing him to see well in brighter or darker situations, however it is not an instant adaptation and takes a few seconds to adjust.  His ears gain similar benefits.
Computer Systems: Being robotic, his mind has access to many privileges humans alone wouldn't get, such as being able to freely recall any memory, insane mathematical computation skills, a very acute measure of time, and high-speed web capacity.
Onboard GPS:  Location and time are carefully monitored at all times, and he can know them to an incredibly precise level.  He can also be given directions to anywhere when in range of a satellite he has access to with said information.
Communications Array: He has a variety of built in communication systems, so that he and his 'employers' can always stay in touch.  Other people can be given encrypted channels to communicate with him on, if they have a means of connecting to his system.  This also gives him access to anything a cell phone would have.
Android: He doesn't (and can't) eat, breathe, or sleep.  This also hinders healing, however, as standard means of healing don't apply to him.  Advanced technology leaves him all of his senses.  (Though taste feels pointless.)  It is difficult for him to carry and transmit disease, and unless organic systems are introduced he's immune to any ill effects from it.  (A bug crawling inside somehow could cause him issues.)
Alloy Form:  He holds a decent resistance to fire, and an immunity to 'low amp' electrical attacks.  He takes additional damage from high (massive) amperage attacks, however.  His water-proofing process was finished well, though external damage can cause him to lose this advantage.  Any significant supply of water inside him will cause continuous damage, however the high energy levels involved will evaporate water at a decent rate as well.  He is highly resistant to radiation, as well, despite being immune to the standard ill effects it would cause.  His resistance to blunt-trauma and cutting/shashing blows are both highly intense, and have an Alloy-weave woven with RNA-systems beneath his major plates to reduce and disperse piercing shots that may break through.  Vrian described it as "Higher then High Tech as we know it."  It is presumed to be a stolen design from Und.

Scars or Markings: He is covered in rather distinctive markings, via a rather colorful paint job.

Hair: N/A

Voice: Surprisingly deep, which makes it sound dark and foreboding.  Despite that. it seams to swell with excessive pride no-matter what he says.  It can be amplified and reduced at will, allowing for a very human-like speech.  His voice changes drastically when he's talking to kittens, however.  Rather then shift in tone, it sounds friendly, even cheerful.

Attitude: He tries to approach things in a calm and cautious way, however he is prone to take action when no-one else does.  He tries to maintain a serious aura about him, though he can't always do so.  He is somewhat pessimistic, but calls himself a 'realist.'

Kitten Attitude:  Around baby cats, his attitude shifts to be far more open and vulnerable.  This invariably leads him to poor decision making, given that he values their lives almost even to his own.  This was actually a forced personality not included in his original persona.

Battle Attitude: In battle, he doesn't exactly change his attitude, however he tries adapt his responses to the situation as needed and keep his priorities in mind, even near kittens.

Kilo-Tail: This is a specialized Magic Multi-Weapon (MMW) designed by Vrian.  The main section of this weapon, the 'staff,' is made from a special alloy known is MDA4.  MDA alloys are Delta-Vrian's pride work.  This alloy can disperse and absorb magical energies, which has been tied to the very 'spirit' of a person.  This allows the wielder to directly target magical energies with it.  The alloy itself also has another feature, the ability to use this 'magical' energy to strengthen itself.  The 4th variation of this alloy is the least flexible and sturdiest, even stronger then alloy steel.  It has the strongest magical displacement abilities, and is favored heavily in the Kilo-Kitten project.  From this base, Kilo-Tail has been modified with a set of 'settings' that allow for the MWW to take on varied forms, and thus expand on the tactical number of options Kilo-Kitten has available in melee combat.  The exact nature of how these forms work is still under study, and seams dependent on the user.  Switching to anything but the 'base' form cost 'magic' energy, however.  Each form has been complimented with both a downloaded archive of combat knowledge and actual training to ensure the knowledge is working properly.
- Staff:  The simplest form, it's the only form that doesn't hold a high probability of killing targets.  The real danger of this form is the inclusion of martial arts into the combat training.
- Combat Scythe:  The blades of the MWW are all 'magic' in themselves, but retain their form once that energy is spent.  The blade is Dark blue in color, nearly weightless, and even stronger then MDA4.  This is argued to be MDA5, even though it isn't technically a metal at all, or even an known element.  The blade runs two feet long, with a light curve.  His combat training with it relies heavily on motion, and thus doesn't rely on any hits that would stop the blade's movement, even if it has them.  The advantage is that he can target a crowd of people with relative ease.
- Heavy Sword:  This form is technically two blades, both MDA5.  They run down either side of the staff, combining into a point at the top.  The width of the blade wide, but designed that way to allow it to be a used defensively as well.  Using a sword the size of a staff isn't useful in a crowd, and it's somewhat light weight almost makes this form useless.  However, the sharp edges are enough to make up for it.  It can cleave through 1/4 inch steel plating with ease, and can cleave through more with effort.  Against single or large targets, it is a fine choice.  His combat training with it is a bit more limited with it, however he suspects they drew more inspiration from comic books then actual combat.
- Spear: This form has 3 MDA5 blades.  One forms the tip of the spear, two sit nearly connected to that one.  Though not a standard spear design, the combat training makes full use of it.  The gaps in the spear's head are used to catch things, tearing it away from it's holder.  This form was not designed with distance attacks, and overlaps with his staff combat training.  With additional energy, he can actually force the spear head on both sides of the blade, expanding on his capacity for damage further.
- Musket: The most expensive 'form,' but only lasts a moment.  With a burst of energy, it fires the current form directly away from the base staff.  MDA5 doesn't last long when disconnected from the device, but energy costs prevents it from being reliable as a standard ranged weapon.

Kilo-System: A set of weapons incorporated into the android's armor systems itself.  These weapons are designed to allow him to function in a wider variety of combat situations then the Kilo-Tail allowed.  MDA4 has also been integrated in trace amounts through his entire system, allowing magical energy to disperse through his entire system.  Other, more flexible MDA's are in use as well.
- Kilo-Claws: A set of fully-functioning fingers and toes, also made from MDA4.  The reduced size and mass does decrease the Alloy's efficiency.  All the same, they can move, they are sharp, and they aren't easy to break.  Unlike Kilo-Tail, these claws have no means of generating MDA5.
- Kilo-Swipe: Kilo-Kitten can charge his claws with electrical energy pulled from both his built-in arm generators and magical reserves, allowing them to stun, fry, or otherwise damage a wide variety of targets.  The test results support a current of 13 GW·h's of energy.  This heat is comparable to that of a large jet engine, and can cut through most known metals and alloys rather easily given it's compact size.  The magical energies strengthening the alloy is all that prevents it from fusing or melting from this contact.
- Kilo-Paw: Built into his arms, a set of small nuclear generators charge energy that is shot out of small red lenses on his palms.  Though they intended this to fire like actual bullets, design teams later swapped the system to fire a steam of lightning-like bolts out instead for increased damage output.  The connected hiss of thunder is impressive.  These bolts can't be aimed very well, but can 'jump' through a number of targets at once.  Electrical devices tend to fuse to whatever they are attached to when hit.
- Kilo-Paws: While not it's own weapon, Kilo-Kitten can adapt the system to connect the lightning arcs, firing a blast that easily surpasses actual lightning by at least 15 billion times.  Though the actual output of energy isn't changed, the voltage of everything around increases dramatically, spreading the damage to a much wider area and severity.  Sound-dampening software was included because of this welcomed adaptation to their weapon systems.
- Kilo-Hiss:  An adaptation built into the M.A.G.E. System allows for an alternative attack to the Kilo-Paws attack.  Kilo-Kitten connects the lightning arcs, and draws his paws together.  Once they are close enough, the sound of the attack goes silent, as the sonic energy is rapidly collected and condensed between his palms.  Once charged, he releases the energy outward.  This 'blast' of energy more closely resembles a large explosion, spreading quickly and usually shattering a variety of glass and wooden targets.  At the blast radius, it can even crack steel.  Anyone within 30' of Kilo-Kitten can be potentially deafened, and that range expands to 70' in front of him.  Anything in this range is forcefully pushed away from the blast center by the sudden gust of 150 Mph wind that is generated from this attack.
- Kilo-Meow: This attack is the greatest success of Beta-Vrian, though the 'magic' energy required to use it is greater then most people can endure.  Vrian Dom himself learned this 'technique' himself, and personally adapted it into the Kilo-System.  This blast, fired from in front of the user's face, sends out a wave of unusual sonic energy.  Targets hit with this energy are damaged horribly, as they begin turning into stone.  However, it appears to only effect targets that have this 'magical' energy, as it uses their own magic to strengthen and solidify the stone conversion process.  Vrian Dom has a means of protecting himself from it, however that means doesn't seam to work against the Kilo-Crush system.  The largest flaw of this attack is the wave's inability to pass through or pierce non-magical obstructions.  Outside of the Kilo-Crush system, countermeasures to undo this have yet to be developed.
- Kilo-Crush: This isn't a weapon, but an emergency system.  It activates automatically if he's exposed to extreme magical conditions that cause an overload.  He can override the system to activate this manually.  This safety system actually burns every ounce of magical energy anywhere near him into the varied MDA's within him, boosting the physical strengths of his entire form in proportion to the amount of magical energy negated this way.  Doing so likewise drains all of his own magical energy to compensate.  This effect can be maintained as long as strong magical energy remains in the area.

Clothing: Ignoring his colorful armor, it appears to be an alloy-plated jumpsuit.  Beyond that, he has a red sash set over the top of his chest-plate.

Armor: A specially designed set of combat systems have been integrated into his armor systems, in attempts to make sure he always has attack options.  The majority of his armor is made up of large blue sections, with red decor on them.  Between each large section, is grey plating.  The thicker parts are reinforced with MDA2, which doesn't disperse magic energy as well, but is very durable, and still retains the ability to strengthen itself with magical energy.  It's durability is only lightly surpassed by MDA5, but technically still holds the distinction of strongest metal.
Head: The armored helm is the simplest design, looking somewhat like a large upper skull, with movable ears fastened on.  The ears are controlled by his mood, rather then his thoughts, so he is somewhat easy to read once you understand how they work.
Chest: The chest-plate looks to be a tight fit.  An insignia is engraved onto the front right side of the armor like a badge.  Strangely enough, it isn't the standard emblem for the Vrian corporation, but more of a 'personal' coat of arms designed by Vrian Dom for this project.  The shoulders have large "loose-fitting" plates, designed with flexibility in mind.  The back is quite a bit thicker to incorporate part of a propulsion system.
Arms/Hands: The large plates on the arm are to incorporate specialized generators to power his internal mounted weapons.  These plates have a surprising lack of red on them, despite red being a popular color through the rest of the design.  The claws can actually bend and move as though they were hands, though still sharp.
Legs/Feet: The large plates over his legs actually hold the rest of the integrated propulsion system we'll mention later.  The claws on his feet are identical to the claws on his hands in functionality, minus a 'thumb' to work with.

Extra Clothing: A blue cloak.

Accessories: None yet.

Magics and Powers:
M.A.G.E. System:
 Magically Amplified Generator Enhancement System  This system absorbs latent magic in the areas surrounding him and stores it to be used to fuel some of his other systems and abilities.  If he powers it with his own magic supply, it can absorb non-latent magical energies as well.
Propulsion Boost: The internal propulsion systems can be utilized with magical energy to send him flying through the air, though the actual flight capabilities are set by how much magic is fueling the system.
Shielding System: The magical systems can also disperse energy at virtually any point just outside his system, which can be used to deflect and repel incoming energies.  Kinetic energy being the leading example.
MDA3: Somewhere between copper and gold, it conducts electricity very well. but one of the few MDA's that can't be strengthened magically.  However, it is unique in other aspects that allow it to be the most common MDA, it is the only known material that can self-replicate.  Doing so requires aid of this 'magical' energy, however the M.A.G.E. System was developed for this reason.  Most of Kilo-Kitten's internal systems are made from it, and it's properties allow him to rebuild or even rewrite his internal systems.  This regrowth not only reduces the cost of repairing him, but allows him to change and grow in power as his 'magical prowess' increases.  Vrian Dom seams to send him on missions solely to build this prowess, seeing Kilo-Kitten as his greatest work.

Skills and Abilities:
Combat Training: Kilo-Kitten has been extensively combat trained.  This includes training with all his weapons and systems, internal or not.  He was also military trained with a variety of automatic weapons and knives, in his former life.  His training mostly applies to urban and narrow environments, however he has light training in other combat zones as well.
Database Download: When he has access to a direct connection to Omega-Vrian Labs, he can directly download information from them, leading to new abilities or skills that he lacked before, however there is a maximum amount of data he can obtain this way.  They can remove this data as easily as they can add it.
Backup: In addition to being able to rewrite his mind at will, Omega-Vrian has a full backup of his mind, which they insist he updates regularly.  As long a backup exists, they can rebuild him from this backup.  The crazy costs in rebuilding him limits how often he can expect a new/replacement body to almost never, however.  (Then again, he could be cloned this way, too, should Moderators feel his company is doing well enough to survive the extra costs of up-keeping two Kilo-Kittens.)
Forced Drain: Using the M.A.G.E. System, Kilo-Kitten can expend his magical energy to directly absorb this 'magical' energy from any target he has direct MDA4 contact with.  His own reserves actually drop from this process, however the enemies reserves can be damaged directly through this method

Background and History: Having died loyally, bravely, and successfully on a battlefield, Rick Caters woke up unexpectedly in a lab.  This lab had integrated his memories and experience into a mechanical shell. In exchange for a 4-year employment contract, he would be allowed to keep his new body and second lease on life.  He agreed, and Kilo-Kitten was born.  The project was originally designed as a weapon system to aid soldiers on the battlegrounds, however the system proved too heavy to be used by any standard troops.  Rather then scrap the design, they had instead integrated it into a fully-functioning system of its own, and transferred a normal mind into it.  Now a living weapon system, Kilo-Kitten will be working out his contract as a puppet to his masters, to a reasonable pay and awesome benefits.  Life insurance non-withstanding.  In the short time he has been working with the Sigma-Vrian labs, he has managed to critically damage the command-structure of every other company significantly, and earned a strong reputation as a deadly assassin.  His true connections to Vrian are actually well hidden at this point, as it appears he is simply a standard Vrian-merc at this point.

History of Rick Caters:  Rick was a mercenary from birth, orphaned into his family business from their main competition right after the final showdown.  The "Cat's Claws" mercenary troop had raised him with a lot of other orphans, and thus had a very nontraditional life.  It's often a joke among his peers that he was the only one who bothered learning to read.  Given that contracts and new weapon manuals are far from uncommon, it was a very viable skill.  As he grew older, he wound up making a small name for himself, and a much larger name for the "Cat's Claws."  Eventually, the mercenaries were bought (at a hefty price) into the Vrian Corporation.  From there, they wound up winning a large number of key battles, earning Vrian it's place at the top of the food chain.  Their final victory, was as a decoy against the main forces from two different armies.  Sadly, it ended in their deaths.  The mission was a huge success, however, and their loyalty is being thanked in terms of rewards sent to their families.  There was one exception to this, the orphan Rick, whom they had other plans.

Short History of Omega-Vrian, and the Vrian Corporation:  Maybe not worldwide, and certainly not across other worlds within this massive realm, but on this continent, corporations ran everything.  Every store, every deal, every law, every life, every coin.  Wars fought between corporations was constant, and citizens had to side with them to avoid the war, which puts them right into the thick of it.  Lose-lose, to some, but to mercenaries and those willing to fight, it payed well until you died.  The Vrian corporation is the newest corporation, holding the least assets, making them the smallest corporation.  They started as an experimental weapon division of another corporation, but took control of it using their own work and renamed accordingly.  They have been aggressively expanding their asset count ever sense, and several other corporations are cooperating more then ever to try and gain an edge against this expanding threat.  The secret Vrian labs are designed to research the very existence of magic, and Omega-Vrian labs is specialized to combine and collaborate all of the efforts of the other labs.  Their work has taken form in Giga-Kitten, though there is one lab that seams exempt from this work.  This exemption seams to be from lack of progress, rather then effort.  Further details are being withdrawn at this time, you cheaters.  Razz

Fictional Character - Kilo-Kitten:  Kilo-Kitten was an old cat, reborn by technology into a hero of justice!  Now a robot, he is forever young, and uses his youthful spirit to aid the world.  He idolizes the wonderful power of light, and everything it brings with it.  He hates the true absence of light, Darkness, as it denies the many gifts of the light.  He wants everyone to embrace their inner light, as he feels it is directly connected to love and justice.  His proof is in the warmth of their blood!  The power of their heart makes it so!

Kilo-Kitten's main power comes from the light of the world, which he pulls from his heart.  His heart can feel the light from the hearts of those who believe in him.  This gives him strength in dark times and places, and allows him to continue on when others fall.  He relies on his reflexes, agility, and determination.  His claws are something he tries not to use, given that they hold "the potential reduce the warmth of a man."

His main rivals are the forces of the "Samui Kurai" corporation, who control people through fear and darkness.  They seek to expand the darkness of the world into an "Eternal Twilight Night."  Should they succeed, the light and warmth of the sun would be filtered and captured, giving them complete control over it.

He is occasionally assisted by other heroic animals, and very rarely people.  Each winds up getting their own full game and story.  They usually battle other evil businesses, who aid the Samui Kurai in their plan.  Each ally has a different nickname for Kilo-Kitten.  The ones used by the most popular allies are "KK" "K-Kat" and "Kit-Kit."

He has some popular catch-phrases, and I'll list them as they come into play.  he also tries to fit "Nya" into sentences when he can.

Potential Ally: "Kilo-Kitten, I stand on the side of the light!  Warmth and freedom for all!"
Response: "Join then, for evil doesn't nyap and waits in the cold darkness!  Our friendship will set them right!"

Seal of a Hero: "To my newly appointed ally _____, approved to distribute warm light to the world!"

Response to his small size: "Then I ask you to instead measure me by my heart."

Farewell to an Ally: "Thank you for your support, and may you always spread the warm light that lies within your heart."

Leaving someone he saved: "I'm off!  The darkness awaits my light."

EDITS: Alpha-Beta work, Updating style to match the style of his posts, failed to mention he doesn't breath, fixed the overwhelming power drop he had from my overestimation of the power of a lightning bolt, added info on the fictional character Kilo-Kitten, added the Kilo-Hiss attack, added notes on oddities involving his elemental resistances, added physical resistances.  I intend to increase his survivability and adaptability to diverse environments and situations, however have yet to do so properly.  ((I asked for aid, but the response was "He's a powerhouse."))

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