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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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Post by Luna Starsplitter on Sat Aug 17, 2013 6:57 pm

Classes in which you can choose from.

1: Warrior:  Warriors are skilled fighters capable of mastering any style of weaponry. Were the lack in magic, they make up for it in strength. This class is an excellent choice for a full frontal assault on the enemy. Or as a protector of the group he/she is partied with. Warriors are most famous for there dual wielding of large weapons and brute strength.

When choosing a warrior every 15 levels you will under go a trail to gain more abilities to use as a warrior that you can't learn from a teacher. Warriors can wear the heaviest armors outs there which give them great protection from attacks. Over time the armor will become light as a feather for you to move around swiftly.

2: Priest: Priests are very very skilled healers who have the capability to heal a massive amount of people in one spell. Though there attacks are very limited they usually stand behind their comrades healing when it is needed. Priests armor is simple clothing from cloth to leather armor. Priests are also gifted in enchantment armor if the Skill is chosen by the player.

When choosing a priest every 10 levels you will undergo a quest to get a better healing, resurrection,protection, or time spell to increase the priests spell lists. When getting higher in levels the priest will acquire a special mount called the Holy Phoenix. ( OCC: Ill keep that as a surprise *wink*) When you reach level 50 you will gain a special spell called Holy Gale, (OOC: Look for Description in spells for priests.)

3: Mage: Mages are powerful magic users. They can master every spell except for healing, most protection spells, Blood magic, and drain magic. They are the most powerful-est magic users in the game and love to conquer any an all obsticals  when it comes to magic. Mages can only use a select few of weaponry. They can either wield a one handed short sword,dagger, or a staff. They can also wear anything from cloth armor to leather armor.

When choosing a Mage every 10 levels you will receive a contract spell with a specific type of Element. When reaching level 50 you will obtain the Crystal Dragon mount. When reaching level 75 you will gain a spell called Turn back the sands of Time. (OOC: Refer to mages spell description for details on this spell.)

4: Archer: Archers well are what there names say. An Archer. The have excellent marksmanship, and have a mastery of all types of bows. Archers can use earth magic to camo themselves in their environment so they can attack without warning. Their armor consists of Leather and Light armor.

When choosing an Archer every 12 levels you will gain an upgraded spell for arrow vollies and such. Upon reaching level 50 you will gain a spell that lets you create arrows out of thin air and shoot them without a bow. When reaching level 75 he/she will gain a special mount called the Wind Rider Steed.

5: Alchemist:Alchemist are masters of potions and creating new machine like items and weapons. The can either create health potions or deadly poisons and everything in between. Their armor consist of leather or cloth. Alchemists have the ability to control all types of earth magic. The also have a unique ability to create an summon golems.

When choosing an alchemist you will learn many different recipies and creations as you level and experience new things. Once you hit level 50 you will gain a mount called the Master of earth. (OOC: Surprises will infold later on.) Once you hit level 80 you will gain a summon spell that lets you create the Master Golem of the earth.

6: Ninja/thief: Ninja/Thief's are simply put a person who uses the shadows to their advantage. Using traps and striking from the perfect vantage point. They are excellent for recon and scouting for parties. Also they can pick locks, pick pockets, and steal from guild homes. As a ninja you'll be able to wield excellent marksman skills that you use with your throwing weapons.

When choosing a Ninja/thief you will go through quests through out your levels that will let you gain more and more powerful as you level and grow. When reaching level 45 you will gain a spell called invisibility. Also reaching level 20 you will learn the listen in. Which will let you listen in on peoples conversations.  

7: Tamer: A tamer is to be put simply a beast master. Capable of taming any and all types of beast like monsters. Their weapons only exist in a small category ranging from spears, to swords, to bows, and to claymores. Tamers usually let their pets do the fighting but they are very capable of fighting an enemy up close and personal.

When leveling a tamer you will be able to level yourself and your pet. You can even buy armor for your pet.  Every few levels for both the tamer and the pet will gain a fe new abilities here and there. When reaching level 75 you will gain the ability to tame dragons and control them at will. When reaching level 90 you will get a special mount called the Huntsman war tiger.

8: Swordsman:Swordsman are master of all sword types. The can dual wield or not. Their skills increase the speed and much more. Swordsman can were any armor type and have the capability to master even the most difficult of tasks. When leveling a swordsman you will gain many new abilities that will strengthen your arsenal for upcoming battles.

Every few levels you will gain interesting moves by completing various tasks from your teachers. When reaching level 50 you  will gain abilities like Vale strike, or Dimensional rift. At level 75 you will gain a move called Uruk ( OOC: Refer to spells tab.) At level 80 you will receive a special mount called the Timeless Forsaken.

9: Nephilim:Another term for Nephilim is simply put a Necromancer. One who summons beings that have past on. He/she is equipped with a massive amount of shadow energy that they can use to their will.  They can cast curse and drain life from other players, as well as cast illusions.

When levels a Neph every 10 levels you will gain a special spell that will increase your arsenal. Neph's can wear cloth armor and wield 3 types  of weapons. Daggers, Staffs, or Idols. When level to 75 you will be able to start to summon undead dragons. When raching level 100 you will gain the mount Hollow.

10: Holy Knight: A holy knight. A knight who fights for justice with honor and dignity. One who takes on anything. A holy knight can wear any armor and wield any weapon. Their abilities of light magic are stronger then that of even a clerics and a priest. They can smash any dark beast or player with the energy of Light. They also have a special ability called the Light chain, were it can bind anything into place and burn any foe that stands in their way.

When level a Holy knight every 5 levels you gain more unique like moves to increase your arsenal, and maby even make you the best Knight in the game. When reaching level 50 you will gain the ability called Lightning Stigma. When reaching level 75 you will recieve a special mount called Holy Fire Steed.

11: Shadow Knight: Shadow Knights are the complete opposites of Holy knights. They too though can wield any weapon and wear any type of armor. Their magic consists of Dark,blood, and shadow magics that allows him to heal himself or rot anything in his way.

When leveling a Shadow Knight you will gain spells every 10 levels to help you on your way. When reaching level 50 you will gain a spell called Knights of the round. When reaching level 75 you will gain a ability called Void break and when reaching level 100 you will gain a mount called Death Watcher.

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