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June 2018

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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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Eiko Sakunai

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Eiko Sakunai

Post by Eiko on Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:58 pm

Name: Eiko Sakunai

Nickname: Eiki

Age: 18

Race: Human

Hair: Blond

Hair Style: Straight with two front side braids

Hair length: Down to behind knees

Skin: Pale white

Eyes: Emerald green

Jewelry: A green stone hanging from a black leather necklace. Two silver earing studs in each ear. A leather bracelet on her left wrist.

Special Features: Has a flower birth mark on the back of her neck.

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 125 lbs

Magic Abilities: Has a pact with the earth. Can do all earth magics.

Magical Tactics: Always tries to fight from afar.

Tactics: Not a very good close combat fighter.

Clothes: Wears a loose long sleeved ( pink in color ) Sweater, has a spaghetti strapped pale pink shirt under neath. Wears a brown skirt that goes to mid upper thigh. Wears brown knee high boots with brown stockings underneath.

Weapons: None only uses magic.

Origin: Not decided.

Side: Neutral

Sex: Female

Armor: None (might have some later but doubt it.)

Background: Born in a small village she always kept to herself. But Eiko was always care free and kind to whom ever she met. To this day she still is. At the time she turned 17 her village was destroyed due to a Tsunami that killed everyone except for her. So this in turn made her hate water and hate anyone who could control it. Her abilities came not to long after that. She had found a book that read of ways to use magic and ways to give the wielder the ability to wield it . So she went about completing the tasks at hand.

After a while she had finally completed everything she needed to and followed each step to the letter and in the end she ended up making a pact with the earth. Though to use it she had a price to pay each time.Which was to give her life force to the earth. Not very much at one time just small bits here and there. Which in turn was going to cut her life about in half.

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