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June 2018

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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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Marine Darkwater

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Marine Darkwater

Post by Neko_Neko on Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:57 pm

Name: Marine Darkwater

Eyes: Blue

Hair color: Black

Hair Style: Long and straight in a low ponytail.

Skin: White

Acs: Silver and black bracelet with Celtic engravings.

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 125 lbs

Build: Medium build with medium bust.

Attitude: Passive Agressive, becomes agressive if anyone messes with her partners or co workers.

eye type: Sharp and stern

Age: 25

Race: Enhanced Human

Enhancement: She is a soldier that was experimented on with chemicals to enhance her psyical prowess and speed and strength. She was given sense enhancement as well that makes her an excellent warrior. It has enhanced her healing rate and has slowed down her ageing greatly. It takes 5 years for her to age 1 full year. So in all reality she is 125 years old but her actual body's age is 25.

Ears: Her ears are like a normal humans with a slight point at the top.

Tattoo's: She has a Tribal tattoo on her right side.

Weapons: She is a modern military style weapon chooser, though she does favor knifes and swords as well.
Guns: She has two magnum handguns
Explosives: She has a varity of explosives. C4, Shratnel grenades, stickies, smoke bombs, and hone grenade.
Electronical devices: She has an Emp Device that can send a emp burst through the air at a 5 mile radius. She has heat senser sunglasses that lets her see were people are.
Knife: She has a set of throwing knifes that have teeth on the outer part of the knife to cause maximum damage.
Sword: She has one wakasashi .
Darts: She has needle darts that have poisened tips.

Fighting style: She is excellent at martial arts she favors karate, Tai Jutsu.

Weapons: She's balanced in all the knowledge of her weapons.

Strategies: She is excellent in plans and strategies.

Clothes/ Armor:
head: Black and midnight blue face mask with steel protector.
Torso:Black and Midnight blue sleevless top with steel protector and leather belt side strap with pouch and weapon holder.
Arms and hands: Black leather arm protectors
Waist: Black leather belt with silver buckle and black pouches.
Legs: Black and midnight blue ninja style pants like (" Ayame's from Tenchu 3")
feet: Black combat boots with steel armor around it.

Magicks: Dimension

Type: Mercenary

Friends: Ellana, and Saix

Background: (Will fill in later )


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