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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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The Moonlit Chronicles Character Creation

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The Moonlit Chronicles Character Creation

Post by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki on Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:27 am

This page will be for creating characters for my story if you have any questions first do not hesitate to ask in the questions tab for Moonlit Chronicles and I'll answer or Luna when we can. Thank you.

I'll post my characters profile up to date with saga 6 and show you what i'm looking for in description info.

Commonly Used Name: Shijumaru Moonshimmer (Shiju for short.)

Tsuki Name: Heruioshi Tsukikirameki/Moonshimmer (Heru for short.)

Nicknames or Aliases: Moonshimmer, White Demon, Moon Mystic.

Race: Tsuki Sennyo/Moon Elf

Origin:The Moon Suta-Raito of Realm 144

Sex: Male


Eyes: Sharp, calm, and wise eyes that at first glance are cold looking.

Eye Color: Changes depending on mood, but are usually a bright green or hazel.

Facial Features: Stern solemn face, hardly ever smiles.

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 218 Lbs

Build: Tall and muscular.

Special Features:
Ears: Long ear's in his Tsuki form that usually is kept up unless physically and magically drained.
Wings: Very elegant long feathered white wings. are armored at the top when his suited for war. Can hide them if he so chooses.
Scars or Markings: His body has 16 scars a long his chest and back from battles that are usually covered up. His face has one scar down his left eye that is slightly tinted red from a curse put upon him when he was younger.

Hair: Long flows down his back to his mid back, a few bangs parting on each side over his ears. and down the sides of his face. Sometimes puts it in a ponytail.

Hair Color: Silver hair as a Tsuki, Brownish blonde in human form.

Facial Hair: None.

Voice: Very smooth and slightly on the light side, speaks sternly but in softer more collected terms.

Attitude: Quiet and calm in most situations, is a bit less collected around Arwen and Marawen often smiling, calm, or distracted.

Battle Attitude: Very sharp, thinks steps and bounds beyond the next move and has a very heightened sense of battle precognition. Plays mind games and is known to anger his opponents easily making them predictable and distracted. He is very protective when there's others present in battle and will often rush to there aid if needed. Almost always stays calm in battle, very hard to read and unpredictable.

Weapon: Has usually had one weapon through most of the saga's (Crimsonlight-A forged weapon from the swords Shadowlight and Crimson Katana.) but has bequeathed it to Luna, He now holds two of the 10 legendary weapons in the realms. The holy sword Excalibur, and Death the Shadowrealms once lord weapon. Togire-Reikon(Broken Soul). The sword Excalibur was given to Shiju from the knight of the rifts. Artorius, as a weapon of light to defeat Death during his uprising to power in saga 5. The sword itself changes to the masters desire in a sword and usually takes the shape of a long dai katana for Shiju. The sword is covered in bright crystallized red runes, and the sword itself is a golden color becoming more powerful when the cause it's in battle for is for a righteous purpose. In the sixth saga it will be his right handed weapon or main weapon when hes not dual wielding Togire-Reikon in the left. His other weapon is a dark Scyth from the nexus shadowrealm itself, and is the main weapon of the once Death, that Shiju has now taken his place after the battle. The scyth feeds off the power of dark matter that comes from the Shadowrealm and is destructive on impact. It's size and length require mastery to use but is as light as a feather in his hand which makes it a excellent defensive weapon. The scythe can be called from the Shadowrealm from anywhere to his left hand. Shiju has yet to master this weapon fully or unlock it's full potential.

Clothing: His usual white clothing has been altered by the conflicting magics of Arwens flames and Deaths powers manipulating the fabric into a jet black with red etchings now from arwens flames
Head Clothing: None
Torso Clothing: Sleeveless shirt with glowing etchings down the front and back the fabric a jet sleek black.
Waist Clothing: A white belt with a silver buckle to it that serves no purpose other than the usual purpose.
Leg Clothing: Jet black loose pants for comfort and maneuverability, the red etchings from Arwens flames glowing down the sides of the material.
Feet Clothing: Half a black leather, the other half plated in the front and covered up above his ankles. the runes burn straight through the metal from Arwens flames.

Armor: Black polished shine armor, with the flame runes burning into it. Shiju usually keeps his armor on now.
Head: No helmet now, was destroyed by Death in saga 5.
body: Armored fully with a silver colored moon metal chain mail under his black plate mail made from the scales of Chronos and Deathbringer. The armor boost a strong physical defense with the Chronos scales, and magical defense with Deathbringers scales making it well balanced defensively.

Extra Clothing: Long black coat that resembles a trench coat or cloak that drapes down over his armor.

Accessories: A silver sapphire ring to match that of Arwen's he gave her, the ring glows faintly when he thinks of her. His necklace was given to Lilian to help her with her priestess training.

Magics and Powers: Shiju is known for his mastery of the forbidden schools of magic. Time, Space, Gravity, Life, and Death. He usually combines these magics to make more unstable forms or amplifies his own unique physical abilities, mixed with his brutal logic of combat.

Skills and Abilities: His magical expertise came to him later when he awoke once more to a Tsuki, his races natural gifts of magic. Physically hes a master of bushido and see's everything he does as an artform and life with it. He applies this practice to everything he does to a perfection status and takes great pride in his tactics, body, magics, and martial arts. His main skill though is mastery of the long dai katana. Which his sword play his become legendary in the years hes lived. Picking up styles and skills from the different realms his visited.

Backround and History: (will get to this later....it's long.)

This is the basics i'm looking for from character descriptions, races depend on you...you can think it. It's in this story (as long as it's not copy righted lol) you can leave origin blank for now till I get the rest of the information up.

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Shijumaru Tsukikirameki
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Luna Starsplitter

Post by Luna Starsplitter on Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:21 pm

Name: Luna Starsplitter


Hair: Light pink with red tips

Hair design: Long and slightly wavy down to mid calf(will turn red later)

race: Tsuuki Sennyo

hieght: 5'5"

weight:115 lbs

Moon phase: Waxing cresent

eyes: bright yellow

sex: Female

build: thin build with slight muscle tone, medium bust and slim figure.

eye look: calmer and quieter but still haveing a hyper look

acs: silver chain with red matter stone hooked to it ( later gets a silver with emerald wed ring) Has two cresent moon dangly earings.

armor type clothing: A specially made cloak that she gets from a different realm that blends in with the environment around her ( ex: cand turn her invisible or can make her into something around her). Gloves that have a red and black leather look to it and have a electric pulse device in them were she can render someone paralyzd with a hit.

Facial features: calmer looking and quieter

nickname: Luna

origin:realm 144

special fetures: ears: long elf ears. Eyes: left one changes green when Rin is present.

Skin: Pale white

Battle Attitude: Calm and more focused. Is very protective of those around her and she becomes a bit more stricter as well.

Voice: Soft and light, calmer and protective.

Personality: Passive agressive, calm and happy. becomes a bit more stricter around Shinie.

Pet: Artimes
race: Toukai wolf
hair: black with a silver tint
eyes: Sharp looking eyes grey in color ( the grey glows a white color)
type: Larger then an average wolf, stands on all fours at 5" and weighs 200 lbs
abilities: Has enhanced psyical abilities and his fur is as strong as steel which can withstand normal wepons and break them on contact. Has the ability to manipulate lightning

Clothing: Red and black clothing tight spandex type material top with runes. it haveing a cut stomach opening red cloth around waist with black leather belt with cresent moon symbol. spandex arm bands red with black runes. red and black knee high boots. red underwear, red thigh high socks. waist design cut with runes.

Wepons: Crimsonlight ( a sword that was givin to her from Shiju),Starlight ( A sword she aquired from a rift between alexanders realm and haminaioshi's) Both being katanas. Void breaker and dagger that has the ability to cut rifts through space and lets you go anywere youve been.( gives that to Shinie) Vexus a high tech mechanicle wepon that goes from a katana to a bow to a short spear it has the ability to create dark matter and electrical pulses that negates magic when she chooses. Later Crimson light and Starlight get reforged to something else(Shiju makes it for her later on). Nexus is able to use Starsplitter arrows and uses elemental arrows as well

Magics: All basic elemental magics. Can use the forbidden magics as well. Protection magics and matters. Currently working on the Red matter controls. Is slowly relearning Alexanders abilities with good results. Loves to put magic into the songs she sings to make plants grow and to make people feel calmer, also uses light magic to create buetiful lights to play around while she sings.

psyical: Has become faster and stronger through out the last time she saw Shiju. She is working on different types of martial arts and is slowly mastering them all. She also combines magics with her psyical abilities to enhance speed and strength.

tactical: She is learning from Shinie more stratigical plans to be able to stratigize battle plans and future battles, and currently working on ways to be able to create ambushes and full frontal asualts with the help of Shinie.

traps: Also learning from Shinie how to make and plant and track traps and potions as well as gases to nuetralize people in different ways. Shinie is also teaching her how to make differnt types of explosive devices so she could use them in the future if the need ever arose.

Background: (Will fill in later )

(Will fill in Rins Discription as well as the others. I hope you guys join in this will be fun)

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Luna Starsplitter
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Kais Shadowvale

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:23 pm

Name:Kais Shadowvale

Race: Daemon (hope I spelled it right)


Hair:Black with blue tint spikey to mid neck


eyes:yellow ( very stern and angry like)


wieght:210 lbs

build: medium muscle tone and slim frame

personality:Passive agressive (Likes wemon)

attitude in battle: quick thinker makeing sure to protect himself and allys.


clothing: Black trench coat with blue tribal tatoo on back, black sleevless muscle shirt cloth. Black leather belt with silver belt buckle. Black pants with blue tribal going up on the outer side of both legs. Black combat boots, black socks.
Face: Has a black facial mask that has a blue tatoo on it. ( hides the lower half of his face)
arms: Has a silver bracelet with a rune on it that enhances his dark magics.

wepons: Dark energy sword (twins) That can be combined together at handles to make a double sword. Its name is Dark Talon. Sword is made from a black metal that caused the blade to be black. Its handles are white and black. Rune's trace along the mid part of the blade.

relitives: None (even though he had a family he considers that he does not)

markings: Has a few demonic markings over his right eye black in color.

acs: stainless steel gothic celtic cross with silver chain

abilities: Dark magics, mastery in fire and lightning, and realm hopping,and telkinisis.

psyical: Master in martial arts, balanced in swords manship as well. Specially perfers tai justu and kendo stlye's but uses all when he choses.

atributes: Has excellent upper strength that makes him fast in useing his wepon and fighting. His legs are slightly lower in strength but still very good which makes him fast on his feet.

realm: ( Going to ask on that)

class: Is a mercanary for hire. Later will change into a fighter to help against the watchers

skin: White

favorite color: Blue

Blood type: A

background:Born in a daemon clan that were highly regaured amoung others. The Shadowvales were a unique race that tended to be right under Dim himself. After he was cast out he tended to not use his last name unless he felt that it was nesicary for someone to know.

Kias is a daemon mercanary, He hops from realm to realm takeing up jobs pretty much to pass the time. He loves to get things done rather quickly so that he can go on to the next job on his list. He tends to keep large amounts of cash hidden in a void that he's made for his things.

He was born as any other daemon was, and was eventually cast out for his choice in political views over the humans and elfs and such. The fact that he never wanted to fight anyone he didnt belive deserved it was the reason he was shunned. Now he tends to blend in hideing who he is and were he comes from.

Later he will run into Luna and Shinie, eventually decideing to join them after he learns of the Watchers, and will follow them until they are defeated.

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Re: The Moonlit Chronicles Character Creation

Post by Lily Minami on Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:39 pm

Name: Isil Nénharma

Hair: Sky blue wavy to mid back

skin: Pale white

eyes: emerald green

eye type: Innocent and shy

type: Helpful and kind but gets embarresed easily

hieght: 5'3"

weight:110 lbs

race: High elf


abilities:elemental, music ( music ability contains: To put someone to sleep, to control emotion to those who are able to be controlled (weak willed) can bring life to the ground (grow plants all kinds) and can heal minor to medium wounds, life.

personilty: Shy and timid

build:tiny build, small bust, and slim figure

cloths: white and light blue elven sun dress with light blue ribbon swerve style on her right side, white boots ( leather and cloth) With blue mithril throughout parts of it, white ribbon in hair with blue imbrodery. light blue brodery through out all of it.

acs:silver chain with crystal blue pendant teardrop ( is just a keepsake from her real parents, there is nothing to special about it other then that)

wepon: Harp (gold in color) elven runes (Sana) has musical magic embeded through it ( She doing that herself) Also has a dark blue stone that sits on its top.

Attitude: Very shy and gets scared of people with dark auras around them. She loves helping and healing people when she is able and likes to spend her time stocking up on medicinal herbs and potions.

attitude in battle: Stays away from the main fighting and helps heal her allys but always watches to make sure everyone around her is safe.

psyical: Is very tiny but can run fast

origin: 70 (Tenkuu:means Sky)


armor: Will later get armor but it will be a white hardened cloth material that looks like a hoodless cloak it will have blue runes and blue embrodery in different places.

background: She is very young and was born in a realm that was in a medevil age. She is one of the few elfs left in the world and doesnt travel to much. She is an orphan, and lives on her own and gets by makeing medicine and potions. She is able to put magic into music and make emotions of others turn anyway she wants. She loves animals, but isnt very social to many new people.She resides in the realm called Tenkuu ( means sky) gonna say realm 70 if thats ok) were she lives in a small village of a mixed culture and race. Its peacful for the moment. She helps out in a medicine shop were she learns new ways to heal people from wounds and sickness. She has lived here all her life, her parents died here and her foster parent died here as well. She now lives on her own getting by easily for the time being. She'll eventually run into Luna and will befriend her, and shell want to join her and help her as a healer along the way.

She will not travel to any realms until She appears. Since she isnt able to realm hop herself she goes with Luna and the others when the decide to realm hop. Everytime she enters a new realm she becomes a bit nervous with the new surroundings and looks to everything as well as not knowing what the people are like in each one as well.

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Ran Myakumaru

Post by Kain90 on Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:13 pm

Name: Ran Myakumaru



hair color:blond

hair style:straight to below ears bangs are not to long

eyes: blue

eye type: Stern with the look like he's watchful of everything

sex: male

voice: between soft and heavy.

loves: beer

bloodtype: O

traps: makes excellent mines traps.

origin: wants to be with the resistance

side: good

wepon: sniperrifle with specially made rounds for common races that have poisens withing each of them. energy katana that is straped to his back that he can turn on or off. grenades,smoke bombs,and poisen needles.

acs: ressistance symbol on his cloths

cloths: black and white colored duster with slit on pack symbol of ris as well. black pants and black muscle shirt and black leather belt. Black combat boots that have the ability to nulify sound so he can be heard and will be easyer for him to attack in close combat.

abilities: Only has psyical. Is good in all defense forms of martial arts. Is very good with his sniperrifle in turn has aquired the nick name eagle eyes due to it.

nick name: Eagle eyes

attitude: Is very loyal to the cause and is very protective of his allys, is passive agressive to those he does not know.


wieght:215 lbs

build: Excellent figure, medium build makes him a quick runner and gives him great agility and reflexes.

attitude in battle: Always on his toes looking anywere for an enemy. Prefers to stay up high and use his sniper but can go close combat as well.

skin: white

relitives: none

armor: comoe armor that has a hood so he can hide his face ( sorta like old snakes armor)

background: Ran has been with the rebellion for a long time and is currently a trainer for those who want to use sniper rifle guns. He was born in the same realm that he is stationed in with the rebellion but only has there to stay. He has no family. He currently lives out his time as a trainer and scout for the leader and brings back any news of the enemy when he can. He trains himself for 4 hours everyday so that he wont get rusty in his skills. He also spends his time makeing his ammo and his needles so that he can always have a large amount of ammo on hand when ever the need arises. He also spends his time takeing care of refugees in the area and always watches
the back of all of his allys, espically his squad members.

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Namine Aoi

Post by Namine on Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:39 pm

Name: Namine Aoi



eyes: Left green Right purple

race: Shapeshifter Neko

Shapeshifts: Any and all Feline class's

non-Shape: Looks like a 21 year old girl with neko ears and tail


wieght: 120 lbs

ear color: black

tail color:black

Hair color: black

hair style: Long in a high ponytail that is straight to her mid back

skin: pale white

side: nuetral

like: to wander around different realms for fun just to explore

type: Is an adventrous type

acs: Has a black chocker with a orange star pattern on it

attitude: Laid-back

Attitude in battle: Her senses are a excellent tool that she uses continusly to be a step ahead of her enemies, always moveing around through the lines.

psyical abilities: All 5 senses are hightened, reflexes and agility too. She know mixed martial arts and is balanced in it all.

magic: Shapeshifts,self healing,realm magic, levitation, and psycic

build: Excellent slim figure, medium bust and medium muscle tone that fits in all the right places.


eye style: Light looking with a look of knowledge

makeup: Has eyeliner on black a light colored lip stick. Black nailpolish

wepon: Claws :Silver steel and extreamly sharp, have a black aura around them that lets her use her claws with an extreame amount of speed. (Nimble fists she calls them) summons and desummons on cammand

armor: None ( doesnt like it :when topic comes up she says its too restricting for her to wear)

head: None
arms: black cloth gloves when wepons arnt in use
torso: sleeveless black and orange vest with black rib cage shirt (sleevless) underneath (stomach is showing)
waist ( black leather belt with one puoch)
legs :black with orange trim shorts
feet: Black boots(comes to mid calf) Orange laces
Coat: Dark autumn orange coat that ends just below boobs sleeves just after wrist

Origin: Unsure atm

Background: Namine was born in an advanced realm were a mixture of races were living, though her family were running from a group of mafia like people that wanted to capture the three to sell them for slaves and pets. They quickly left the realm and came to one that was alot less advanced. It was a realm that was unlike theirs catsles and cities were scattered along the lands. Fields of produce with farmers working in them littered the outlands.

Her family decided to stay there for the time being and found a place that was perfect infront of a forest were she lived out her life until she was 155 when she returned home from hunting and found both her parents being burned at the stake. She heard people screaming " kill them thier witches they must die!" and all other sorts of profanties came to her ears. She not wasteing much time quickly retreated into the forest changeing into a jaguar and dissapeared completely from the area. As the years passed she eventually left the realm going to others just trying to escape peoples actions. Many didnt like her and she never could understand why.

Eventually she finds herself in the realm were Luna resides in and takes a fond likeing to her seeing all the characters she is involed with and taked a interest in her.

(will fill in more. Thankyou for all the info so far Luna its helping)

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Irvine Darkwater / Xenomishi Kidaite

Post by DarkWardenX13 on Tue Oct 23, 2012 2:33 am

Commonly Used Name: Irvine Darkwater / Xenomishi Kidaite

Nicknames or Aliases: Shaude, (Shadow in Shadowan, language of the Shadowrealm), Shinigami, Xeno, Irv.

Race: Shadowgen

Origin: Shaude Ciates, The Shadow Realm

Sex: Male


Eyes: slim and piercing. Typically when looked at fear of the unknown can overwhelm the meek.

Eye Color: Black through and through, changing color and pattern depending on his mood and type of abilities he is activating or using.

Facial Features: none that stand out.

Height: 5’8’

Weight: 170 Lbs

Build: Lithe and athletic

Special Features:
Skin: dark grey, midnight blue, ash grey and bright white depending on the level of power he is trying to maintain. In general and for the most part, his skin in a dark grey color, with double helix rune full sleeve tattoos covering his arms in addition to the helix’s on his chest, and over his right eye.
Scars or Markings: Helix tattoos of his heritage and training cover his body in select locations. 2 Full sleeve (shoulder to wrist) tattoos. A helix on his chest, and a single helix that covers his right eye.

Hair: Short and trimmed.

Hair Color: Black with white tips or White with Black tips, always contrasting with his skin color.

Facial Hair: None.

Voice: Speaks with experience and knows when to let his words become power. Commanding at the strongest times, but for the most part, he just speaks the truth to the best of his ability.

Attitude: Cold at first glance or until he knows more about those around him. He knows the level of his abilities and skills and isn’t afraid to put his ‘money where his mouth is.”. He often comes off egotistical, but knows the limits of what he can do and what he has accomplished.

Battle Attitude: Quiet and strategic.

1) Kage Ryu no Kiba, Shadow Dragons Fang. Forged by the last guardian of shadows before his life was extinguished. A standard Katana, black in look and created from the scale of Hybrid’s former dragon ally ‘Soljaris’. Created to withstand elemental assaults while being superior in strength and folded to withstand the force of a titan.
2) Kage Ryu Tsume, Shadow Dragon Talon. The second blade created with the remaining materials of the first. Shorter in length as a Wakazashi would be but with all the perks of the Dragon’s Fang.

Clothing: Shifting in form from casual to battle with natural shifter abilities he typically wears black in jeans, cutoff sleeveless shirt and boots, trench coat and undertaker hat.. The battle attire is a jet black kimono with a double helix on the back.
Head Clothing: A black brim hat (think undertaker)

Armor: None

Accessories: None

Magics and Powers: Natural shape shifter due to being a full blooded Shadowgen. He cannot see normally, or hear, so he has extreme (very) sensitivity to air pressure and uses the ability to see through shadows to guild him. A master of bushido and swordsmanship, and currently a second stage master of the Helix Gates, a surge of power at a very particular cost. He is adept at manipulating his environment using Ninjutsu or Genjutsu techniques passed to him by Shadow, an ancient Guardian of Shadows. His battoujutsu is masterful and without to much challenge, trained by Seph, master smith of the shadowrealm.
He is slightly weaker in strength when it comes to Hand-to-Hand combat but it mildly proficient in Taijutsu.
Backround and History: Living on the streets of the Shadow Realm City, Shaude Ciates, he had to learn to fight off enemies that were visible and invisible. Soljaris, long thought to be dead, found in him the power to do what he couldn’t, leave the Shadow Realm. He was trained in swordsmanship and given a place to stay where he worked off what he used and learned. His master instilled upon him that there was another like him that needed to be extinguished before he could leave. Hybrid had trained an apprentice and given him power, this power was all that was needed for him to return to the Dragon’s Realm. Hundreds of years passed and Irvine’s knowledge of Jutsu, Gates and Swordsmanship grew. He began to experiment with his new abilities and found that if he assimilated the shadows of the people he was sent to kill, he would gain knowledge, strength and power.
Soon after learning this, Soljaris told Irvine that he was to hunt down Hybrid’s Apprentice and assimilate the power he had then return and give it to him. In return for this Irvine would be free of Soljaris’ Debt and allowed to leave.

Irvine was expelled into the unknown by a teleportation spell spoken in Dragonic, he was shattered into a unknown amount of pieces and placed in a random realm. This had unforeseen effects. The shattering of Irvine created a second personality and when reformed, the second personality was known as Xenomishi Kidaite. He appears physically once in a while, but mostly likes to control Irvine’s actions when he sleeps.
In nature, Irvine is defensive, trying not to kill unless forced and Xeno is a battle hardened killer for hire.

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Re: The Moonlit Chronicles Character Creation

Post by Valiant on Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:26 pm

Name : Valiant Flamebanner


Race: Fire Daemon

hair color:Crimson

Hairtype:spiky down to mid neck has bangs that go to just above eyes.

Eye color: Right is Bright flame orange. Left is Bright red.

eye type:Sharp

attitude: Free loader, who likes to wander and makes his own rules.

attitude in battle:Will not back down from a fight and refuses to follow orders. Loves to make his own rules and loves to " Light it up" ( kills with fire) as he lights to say.

Magical abilities: Master of fire magics. Uses wind to enhance his fire abilitys. Realm hops. and has a bit of daemon magics.

skin: tan

voice:light and cocky


wieght:225 lbs

type:Free loader

personality: Agressive to those with power

build:Medium tone muscle.

acs:silver earing with red stone in right ear.

Head: none
torso: white muscle shirt with red fire rune on back, has a crimons leather jacket with white tribal patterns on it.
arms: none
waist: brown leather belt with silver buck along with 2 poches on the sides.
legs: Black cargo pants.
shoes: Black combat boots

psyical: Balanced in martial arts.
wepons: Martial arts and uses his flames as well.

armor: does not have psyical armor. but creates a fire shield that he can manipulate from different ranges they being to just from around him and out 200 yards. Anyone who touches it that is weak against flames would be incenerated.

origin:Daemon realm

Likes: oranges, and watermelons.



relitives: Is the son of one of the main branches of fire daemons

special features: Has a red fire rune under his left eye

Background:Valiant Firebanner was born into a clan of fire daemons. He being born into the main branch of his clan was taught extra fire abilities that would one day be benifical to the clan. So without any complaint he did until he was stronger then all of them. He soon became bored with them after that and decided to go out on his own. After exploreing his home realm for a while he decided to leave and go to another world and look for those he could surrpass in his field of magic. He wanted to learn any and all of everything in the worlds so that his knowledge would surrpass as well.

He likes to spend his time free loading off of nice passer bys to get by in life and refuses to work for anything himself.

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Post by Artemis on Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:28 pm

Name: Zenma

eye color: Silver

eye type: (he has 3 forms)
1: Child like and uplifting
2: Animal that looks trusting yet mysterious
3: Sharp, dangerous


hair color: Silver and black

Hair style: (Has two forms and 2 ani-form)
1: Short and straight to neck
2:Long to mid back straight.
3: Silver fur
4: Silver fur with black

hieght:( 4 forms)
1:5" ( teen form)
2:6'3" ( Adult form)
3:3" (Animal form young)
4:6" (Animal form adult)

weight: (4 forms)
1: 120 lbs ( teen)
2: 220 lbs (adult)
3: 95 lbs (young ani-form)
4: 200 lbs ( Adult ani-form)

Race: Kuromeru gin ( Fox Daemon)

attitude: When in his teen form he is always hyper and happy loveing everything around him. His innocence always seems to attract those around him. When in his young ani-form he is very simaler to his teen form he always following those he is interested in be it good or bad and loves to play games. When in his adult form he is dangerouse and powerful, he manipulates a special type of silver fire, and is emensily strong in dark magic. When in his adult ani-form which make him all the more dangerous he is protective to those he likes and will kill those he hates.

attitude in battle: Is very quick to think a few steps ahead of his oppent and is very protective when those he likes are near.

nicknames: Zen, silver fox

acs: silver ring with a shadow rune on it ( located on his right thumb)
Rings abilities ( Controls shadow magic with it.)

origin: ( contemplateing it will get with Shiju when I can get something )

side: Nuetral ( for the moment)

special feutures : Blue rune on his left hand. ( will explain in detail what it is in time)

Likes: When in his teen form he likes strawberry's and anything to do with them.

skin: pale white

wepons: Kuro Anei (Silver flame) an akmune blade that has his silver flame engulfed in it.

Magical abilities: Silver fire can nulify any attacks what so ever unless you combine a surtant set of magics together it can also burn anyone onsite instantly vaporizing them leaveing not even ashes behind. Dark magics He can manipulate them to his will. Deminsion which allows him to go to different realms as he wants. Teleport gives him the ability to teleport anywere he wants to go in the realm so as long as he has been there.

Fighting abilities: Has many martial arts abilities but doesnt use them as often. He enjoy tai justsu and judo though.

1: In teen form he has a small amount of muscle tone
2: in young ani-form he has medium small amount of muscle tone
3: In adult form he has a excellent fit between medium to semi large amount of muscle tone and an excellent frame.
4:In adult ani-form he has semi-large amount of muscle tone but is still light on his feet.

1: In teen form it is light and happy
2: In young ani-form it is happy and playful
3: In adult form it is rude, blunt, and honest
4: In adult ani-form it is dangerous and protective

fox looks:
Young ani-form: in his young form, he has silver flames that remain at the tips of the tail. His blue rune remains on his hand, and his silver eyes seem to glow a bit. His silver fur makes him shimmer when in the sun light. His ears haveing black tips.
Adult ani-form: in his adult form, black and silver flames sit on the tips of his tail. His blue rune still remaining on his hand. His ears a bit longer they haveing black tips. His silver eyes like to shimmer and glow when he likes. His fur shimmering in the sunlight like when in his young ani-form.

1: In teen form
head: Nothing
torso: White and silver coat that goes to his waist it hideing his white under shirt.
hands: None
waist: White with silver buckle leather belt.
legs: White shorts with silver trim
feet: White boots with white and silver socks
2: In his adult form
head: Hood part of his trench coat (silver and white)
torso: Black muscle shirt
waist: Black leather belt with silver buckle.
legs: black pants slightly baggy
feet: Black combat boots with black socks
coat: White and silver trench coat (has hood) Silver runes going down the center of the back ( trench coat goes down to just above soles of shoes.

ears in non fox form: Short and point daemon ears.

Armor: none

Personality: Passive agressive

sex: male

Background: Zenma is a very old and the only silver fox of his kind. He was born with ten tails which ment he was ment for power and strength when he grew of age. He spent his like alone not knowing or careing about were or when he came from. He has four forms that he can change into. two of those forms allow him to rest and recuperate after a battle. His teen's personality came from when he was younger, he was always being the free spirited type who always wanted to protect the good things in the world. As he grew older his form changed into something more darker due to all the death he had seen through out his life. This causeing him grief at a period of time, which had brought him infront of a weilder of dark and powerful magics. His name was Dracus a demonic dark wizard that served Demtherious. He already haveing demonic blood in him let him have the ability to control dark demonic magic. Throughout the years he learned how to harness and control it, he being able to control it completely forming his own unquie abilities with it. Eventually Dracus took him to the Shadow realm for his final training. Once completed Dracus gifted him his wepon Kuro Anei then dissapered telling him that his task was complete.

Zenma himself didnt really mind the fact that he up and left him. He instead decided to travel through the realms to see the world. He still wanting to protect the innocence that he could see in life , and wanting to destroy those that were against it. For now he spends his time jumping to a different realm every now and them looking for those who tend to bring darkness it their wake.

(I hope thats good >.> * keels over from the cramps in my hands*


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Re: The Moonlit Chronicles Character Creation

Post by Laurant6 on Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:05 pm

Name: Laurant Nitani

hair color: Black with red tips

Hairstyle: Short and spiky to mid of neck

eye type: Dangerous and stern

eye color: Green

skin: White

height: 6'3"

weight: 220 lbs

facial fetures: None

acs: None

race: undead human

side: Bad

personality: aggresive

armor: Has simaler armor to the watchers but doesnt wear it at all.

works for: Watchers

Attitude: Cold and blunt

attitude in battle: Only cares about himself

wepon: Wepon that paralyzes anyone on touch( has a dagger and a long sword made from a special metal.)

magics: Was given magic from the watcher. Realm hopping, psycic, invisibility, and enhances senses and strength.

psyical: Exceeds in all martial arts.

torso"Black and purple sleevless shirt
arms" Black gloves (leather with spikes)
Waist" Black leather belt
legs"Black cargo pants
shoes:Black leather combat boots
Coat: Black trench coat with hood its also made of a special cloth so he can hide his wepons within.


Background: Has no memories of his life before he was brought back. He was imediately asked to watch and track Shinie and those around him and relay there movements to the watchers so they knew were to look for them when they came. He was scent here a half a year ago and has been searching for them ever since


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Re: The Moonlit Chronicles Character Creation

Post by Oni-kun on Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:42 am

Commonly Used Name: Onikimaru

Nicknames or Aliases: Oni-Kun, or Oni

Race: Dark Elf


Sex: Male


Eyes: Sharp, deadly

Eye Color: Blue

Facial Features: Stern a,d hot looking

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 210 lbs

Build: Tall and Muscular.

Special Features:
Ears: Pointy
Scars or Markings:Has red markings all over his body. Has a scar over nose ( Example: Squall from ff8 that look)

Hair: Long in a high ponytail, goes to middle of back

Hair Color: Orange

Facial Hair: none

Voice: Calm, and medium toned

Attitude: Calm, and passive aggressive

Battle Attitude: Excellent stratigist calm in the face of danger, and a quick thinker

Weapon: two Shot guns

Head Clothing: None
Torso Clothing: Brown muscle shirt with Brown trench coat, has two holsters on his back for his guns
Waist Clothing: Brown leather belt with pouches
Leg Clothing: Brown cargo pants with black combat boots

Head: none
body: none

Extra Clothing: none

Accessories: Has an earing ( silver ) In his ears at the tips

Magics and Powers: Elemental magic that he likes to shoot out into bullet forms. Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Water. Combines them some times

Skills and Abilities: Good marksman

Backround and History: (will get to this later....it's long.)

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Re: The Moonlit Chronicles Character Creation

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