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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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Story of an Old Man named Micky

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Story of an Old Man named Micky

Post by DarkWardenX13 on Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:33 pm

Today and over the last week or so, the battle with a watcher in realm Two Zero One has left it as a void and no longer sustains life as the Advanced know it.

I am thinking of this write up as I go so please bare with me.
I guess this is a summary.


Fate had decided that this was to be,
Nothing more short of endless would the vast claim as its own.
A small war on a singular planet caused more pain in ten years then when a planet knew its end.

A small force, powerful and righteous, stood firm against a force and knew its own inevitability, and so took their chances on defense.

Even though the odds were so stacked against them, traitorous blood was amiss and so defenses fell.
With swift strike a power was spread thin and banished to exile in death.

Knowing this a singular voice called to the heavens and spoke to the gods as she thought them to be, begging for someone or thing to save a race that was doomed to extinction.

Evil was something that remains ever so gently weaved into the fabrics of every beings soul and with such comes an opposing force. A light, if you will that calls out for those to stand and become something more.

The heavens returned her cries and so sent an angel to guide those who would be lost to hatred created. As the angel descended with her fellows in tow, the caller, had unknowingly brought forth not one but two gods, each with a power unmatched by any and all who stood before them.

War had followed the caller's Angel, and so the demon of the realms struck forth a blow to destroy anything and everything in its wake.

With angel and demon at war, the planet quaked. The planet creied out in sorrow as its flesh was rendered from its surface and its soul shattered. The winds howled in anger and anguish as the flames of its heart became rushed and began to burn the outer workings of a world built upon hatred.

Finally the world gave way and its body collapsed, angel and demon continued their fight as the soul of the planet became nothing more than a voids of shattered pieces floating in the depth and endless perils of space.

With no breath, Advanced fell and became cold as the out reachs of space took its hold, but with an angels mercy, breath was given back unto the advanced and by faith alone, a small group of Advanced put their minds into helping such an angel that would come from the heavens and save them.

Demon raised its might and brought shattered pieces of the torn world anew but of two. recreated by darkness and twisted into lunar evils that became attracted to each other. With faith unmatched by any, a single Advanced gripped at the science of what her mind could fathom. She reached deep into the bowels of her soul, pulled from the furthest reaches of her heart and took hold of evil. She gripped evil by whatever means and channeled its own rage for her and the angel making it into a weapon that could not be matched.

As two parts of a whole would collide, this singular Advanced and all her faith, pulled at the energy and turned the tides for the moment that would forever change her life. With this new extention of her soul, she channeled this force overwhelming and became lost to the only way out as the power thrusts her into the endless abyssal tunnels of the realms.

Both angel and demon would find themselves spliced by the rage of a destroyed soul and each found nothing in the solice of knowing that they both had failed in their missions. No angel saved a race. No demon destoyed an angel. And none but three Advanced survived.

six point eight billion lives lost because of a call to the heavens and the heavens response.
six point eight billion lives lost because prejudice and fear became a weapon of mass destruction.

shall we remember the six point eight billion? or shall they be forgotten?

with the realm gone and few survivors, only legends will speak of the angel, the demon, and the advanced. in time, this realm will be made anew, but never forgotten.

For it is in our memories that they live on, and it is us who will carry on with faith and pride, knowing the angel and the advanced did all they could.

They shall not be forgotten.
Remember the Fallen.
This is how we honor them.

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Re: Story of an Old Man named Micky

Post by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki on Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:14 am

Awesome, I love it. Would make for good words of instilling hope into the survivors and writings in the annals of history to be remembered.

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Shijumaru Tsukikirameki
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