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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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Xeno, Alpha Shadow vs Irvine, Tenkuu's Angel

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Xeno, Alpha Shadow vs Irvine, Tenkuu's Angel

Post by DarkWardenX13 on Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:34 pm

"You don't have to this brother.", Irvine said in a void so cold his breath literally caused the air around him to frost. He gripped the side of his hilt of his blade and closed his eyes. Tenkuu had given him life and commanded the defense of its purity, it called to him in a powerful yet tranquil noise that Irvine heard within the depths of his soul.

"On the contrary dear brother... I will be made whole by assimilating you. Then this realm and all others will fall to Soljaris.", Xenomishi snapped in response, Irvine's eyes still remained closed.

As he opened his eyes, he began to see Tenkuu as she was meant to be, a sanctuary. He listened to the realm and it spoke to him in tones of the eons as the voices of all the creatures and the earth echoed throughout his mind like the spirits of life were connected to him. He could see the colors of the realm around him. Each having its own life and voice, calling to him, telling him of their might.

Being seperated from Xenomishi had stripped him of everything he was as a shadowgen. He no longer controlled shadows but instead had Tenkuu to feed and nurish himself upon, to draw strength from and its power was great. A darkness began to rise in the moutains to the north, a looming shade of death brought upon by those who didnt belong. The realm screamed in pain as the darkness rose to claim everything ina small area. Its life, it essence, its power.

Irvine studied the new realm he saw before him and with the darkness came a went heading into the forests of eternal night. This one had to be dealt with. He looked to the fields of the realm and found something strange in its energy waves. The world around the plains was at peace but the energies were of a heavier burden then that of the death that loomed towards the mountains. Something powerful but balancing to nature itself. This force to, had to go.

Irvine looked to the fox with a cold, stern and calm tone, and he studied it closely before he looked back to Xenomishi. The aura he showed was of murder, death, vengence, hatred and power that came from his previous master. The ancient dragon had instilled all of these things into his vessle and now that vessle had no bindings. It would become something of absolute destruction to this plain if he didn't stop this threat here and now.

Irvine and Xenomishi eyed each other for a minute before a wind kicked up and the two blurred at speeds surpassing those of the normal eye or near godlike.

Edge to edge the blades clashed and caused sparks to fly as they grinded their down each others counterpart. Irvine and Xenomishi hadboth parried the others moves and moved instantly to pull their second battoujutsu which also sparked as the blades connected and landed guard to guard.

The power they both exumed from within themselves was equal in speed and power.
Irvine stepped back and swung his long blade made of prismatic crystal and threaded with an unknown alloy from the right. Xenomishi countered with a cross block and ducked down as the second of Irvine's blades flew over his head, missing by a breath of air. ((Requiem for a dream just started... awesome))

"Zero-Style Gatotsu!", Xenomishi yelled as his second blade thrusted hard at Irvine's stomach.

Irvine was completely at peace. His thoughts were focused and several steps ahead of the anger and brutality that his brother had. A white line of prismatic light formed as the blade from Xeno neared. Time seemed to stand still at this attack that was nearly unavoidable.

The line formed a circle and began to blaze up like white flames as Irvine's Aura shifted and became something of a prismatic light show. The crystal formations of the area refected the light and caused the skies to be lit by an aurora borealis that stretched the skies from horizon to horizon. Irvine's body body weight shifted and his energies propelled him into a spin that parried the Gatotsu. It landed into the ground and blasted the earth with an explosion that became enveloped by the spiralling white twister that reached to the heavens and brought down an arctic frost which caused the ground for a mile to freeze instantly.

The drawing of the winds caused Xeno to be pulled into the spiral and made vulnerable because he couldn't gain his footing. He began to fall forward as the arctic frost encrusted him into a cold hellish prison that made him stand to look at what Irvine had become.

"Its time for you to go my brother.", Irvine said lifting a single palm towards him, a white powerful essense glimmering in his palm.

"You all will be one with the shadows, I swear it...", Xeno screamed looking helpless from his cold prison.

With that, the energies Irvine let loose caused the skies to light up and become something to be beheld. The skies became luminecant of blues, reds, greens and yellows with millions of variants and hues in between.

The light seared Xeno, the light augmented from the heavenly ice and frosty air.

The light began to fade and after its glow dimmed, Xeno was gone. The ice still in place but with no one inside. Irvine breathed in thought and looked to the fox, judging his aura and effect on this realm.

"What grounds are you here on?, Irvine spoke with frost coming from his mouth as each word met warm air.

Irvine was standing with his blades drawn, gripping the handles lightly as he thought about the fox. Memories seeped in from the realm of forests and Irvine blinked lightly with a smile.

"Thank you for helping me live.", Irvine said sheething his blades and looking towards the "death streak", then to the "balance" which could only be seen by him.

His swords had been forged of crystals of the surrounding area and braided with alloys from within this mystical realms darkest earth. Its glowed with a light as the suns passed through the blades and caused a 'halo' effect to be given off. His attire was mirror to Xeno in that his long black trench coat was now ivory and silver with a double helix on the back made of a red color. The Eyes of this guardian were now white with a gold pupil. His head no longer had a hat, but instead was covered in long flowing silver hair that fell to his knees, taking a life of their own as the winds passed by him. His clothes under his coat were of a red sweats and sleeveless sweatshirt that changed colors as you looked at it from different angles.

Irvine stepped towards the Fox, as the realm called out for all trespassers to be gone. He turned to a side and gripped his blade then looked to the fox's purch and then to the fox.

"You have a week. All I can grant for you helping give me life. One week from today, I will be gin pursuit. I would hope you are gone."

With that said, Irvine gripped his blade and awaited the foxs answer.

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