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Long maintenance

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:23 pm by Luna Starsplitter

Hey everyone we have had a long period where we were unable to get ahold of anyone or do much. I hope everyone is willing to come back and join in!

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Working on Site

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:46 pm by Shijumaru Tsukikirameki

Alright guys gonna clean up the site since we got everything back online and working. Sorry for the wait as always but you know how my work hours are. Anyways hope your all doing well and hope to see you soon.


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The Resistance Rises

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Re: The Resistance Rises

Post by Kain90 on Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:27 pm

*His blush completely gone now, he quickly following Liana outside watching her and waiting. He keeping very still for the moment as Hikari spoke to her. After she was finished and Liana began opening the portal he couldn't help but speak.*

"Wow..that is amazing.."

*He put on his helmet making sure it was locked into place wincing only a bit from the shock. He then speaking as Liana finished.*

"Yes ma'am."

*He nodding to her letting her know that he understood his orders. He also nodded to Masa and Mura, knowing that it was his job to keep the rear covered and he planned on it.*

"Im on it"

*He then following Liana through the portal waiting to reach the other side.*

(OOC: In 144)


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Re: The Resistance Rises

Post by MasamunexMuramasa on Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:05 am

Masa and Mura both nodded to Liana ready to get going, she putting in the coordinates they activating their worm holes waiting for Kain to enter.

"We will meet you on the other side! Brace yourself Kain! Sometimes realm travel gets to your stomach." Masa laughing stepping through after Liana.

"Don't worry about her you will be fine." Mura spoke jumping in after her.

As they traveled in the wormholes the twins got their gear set the mask covering their face once more, a bright glow from the eye sockets coming too the systems fully online.

"Were green!" They both spoke into the helmet to Liana.

Their ranged weapons drawing seeing the the opening clearly getting closer.

"Prepare for realm entry!" They spoke in unison with each other again. both perfectly in sync with the other.

(Continued in 144 - Arrival in Sector 144)

Never look back, keep going, wall after wall will fall, and before you know it...You will find yourself in the end.
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